Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mugs Up! Trio of Beer-Tasting Events Coming the LA Way

Seriously good craft beers at Golden State

I may have been ga-ga over wines and spirits lately, but I love me a good beer too; they are generally less pricey, more portable and perfectly portioned. And it's really coming in its own with numerous beer artisans showing their skills and passion in the craft, as well as beer educators and sommeliers teaching us how to taste and appreciate every bubbly brew.

But with all the artisanal breweries out there, it can seem like a Sisphyean task to check them all out and decide upon those favorite few. Thankfully, a trio of beer events - with numerous tasting opportunities - is bubbling up in L.A. in the coming weeks, letting you taste, learn and try numerous styles and makes.

On April 4 and 5 from 2 to 5 p.m., Drink.Eat.Play is holding the Los Angeles Beer Festival at Culver City, with over 50 breweries (domestic and international) pouring their brews for you to sample (feel free to go back for seconds, the $40/person price is for unlimited beer pours.) Vendors will also be available to sell "beer-friendly" foods of sausages, burgers, pizzas and fries.

For those who like a more structured tasting, LearnAboutWine is holding an American Craft Beer Revolution event on April 25, at its downtown Loft218. Beer Scribe Tomm Carroll will be sharing his knowledge and insights on edgy Amerian breweries that pushing the envelope in the beer scene and changing how people think about beer on a global scale. Up to 14 beers, from artisanal breweries such as Stone, Ommegang, Russian River and Telegraph, will be tasted. Event is $69/advanced but Goldstar is currently offering it for $39/person.

Finally, there's the Craft Beer Fest on May 9 at the Echoplex thrown by L.A. CABAL (that's Craft & Artisanal Beer Apreciation League). The $30/person ticket will all include gourmet pub grub, seminars and sessions from local brewers (e.g. beer/food pairings) and beer-themed food such as ale cupcakes and Scoops' beer gelatos. Thanks to beer aficionado and Eating L.A., found out participating breweries include Bruery, Craftsman, Hangar 24 and Sierra Nevada. The ticket fee also benefits 826LA, a tutoring and writing workshop nonprofit. That's definitely something I can raise my pint glass to!


Anonymous said...

The LA CABAL one seems like the best one of the three, at least economically speaking since the price of admission pays for the beer AND the food. Are you going to all three?

Pat Saperstein said...

H.C, here's some of the breweries confirmed so far -- they are really going for quality breweries, no Bud at this event: The Bruery, Craftsman, Firestone Walker, Hangar 24, Port Brewing, Lost Abbey, Sierra Nevada, Telegraph and more to be announced.

H. C. said...

@Caroline, the craft one is highest on my list too -- though I do appreciate the more structured tastings of LAW too, I always learn new and interesting stuff at those events.

@Pat, thanks! Updated my blogpost to reflect that. It does sound like they're really going for the nice specialty brewers.

Anonymous said...

i love me a good brew. thanks so much for posting this!

"beer friendly" foods? what food is not beer friendly?? I even love my brown bread scoops ice cream drowned in some guinness :)

H. C. said...

@choisauce hope to see you at one of these - and I guess by "beer friendly" they mean something easy to eat with one hand so you don't have to put the beer down ;)


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