Tuesday, June 07, 2011

No. 196: Simmzy's (Manhattan Beach)

With the days getting longer & warmer again, I've definitely been struck with nostalgia for the beach and all the tasty bites & sips along the shores. This week, when I was running errands around town in the sunny afternoon -- I got a sudden pang for this:

Simmzy's Haystack
The Haystack fries at Simmzy's in Manhattan Beach. The preparation is simple (shoestring garlic fries topped with a light buffalo sauce & blue cheese dressing) but was very well-executed, a nuanced balance so that it's not too spicy, not too pungent, not too salty and not too rich. Worlds away from most pub grub that's over-salted, heavy and/or spicy to try to get customers to order more beer (only to have food overpower the finer flavors & aromas of the brew.)

It made for a perfect mid-day bite (esp. in the midst of an Urban Hike, which I was doing up & down the Beach Cities back in September...) and particularly great with one of their cold craft brews on tap--So I definitely love how these fries went well with beer--like the refreshingly crisp, mildly citrusy & spicy Belgian-style Blonde from Brouwerij West.

Of course, next time I'll corral a few more friends so we can taste other crafty brews & nosh on more items @ this Manhattan Beach gem. But I already know what I'll insist on ordering . . .


229 Manhattan Beach Boulevard
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
(310) 546-1201


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