Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Quickies #51: Springtime Edition

Creme Caramel
A tasty birthday creme caramel at Tradition by Pascal, no need to bring a cake or risk being overcharged for cutting and serving it.

Not a whole lot going on today, just some interesting reads and a few events.

In a town where the vast majority of waitstaff is in the biz looking for their break, it's rather refreshing to read LA Times' profile of four longtime waiters who make it their lifelong profession to cater to their customers. SAG-card-and-screenplay-whipping servers and bussers, take some pointers from these seasoned pros.

Speaking of subpar service - or simply miscommunication, a complaint letter sent to EaterLA about Wilshire's cake-cutting charge drew a lot of fire from all over, and even compelled the restaurant's general manager to reply to Eater. For me, it's more amusing than anything else watching the camps defend the customer or the restaurant's views, both of which I get (the snarkiness, not so much). But hey, at least now there's free cake this coming week (March 23-29) for everyone having dinner there.

Cue my barely-smooth-enough transition into events. Tomorrow I'll likely be checking out the Original Farmer's Market wine tasting hosted by Monsieur Marcel from 1 to 5 p.m. There'll be over 50 wines to sample, along with beers, cheeses and raffle opportunities. $15/person in advance or $20 at door. Cheers!

On March 23/24, La Grande Orange café in Pasadena is celebrating its first year anniversary with an all-day happy hour and a buy one entree, get one entree for $1 offer. If there's a time to try their veal-and-wild-mushroom meatloaf or the mesquite-grilled NY strip steak with chimichurri, now's it! Be sure to save room for their divine orange-scented olive oil cake too!



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