Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mini Foodventure #108: Chicky BBQ & Grill (Duarte)

One of my favorite loves about L.A.'s food scene is the wonderful representation of many ethnic cuisines, which are not only tasty but often very affordable as well (heck, even the five-stop, eight-hour jungle food marathon was about $40.) Another case in point, Chicky in Duarte, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite lunch spots in the San Gabriel Valley.

A fairly small strip mall fast-casual eatery specializing in Indonesian fare, their dishes are generous in portions and wonderful in flavor and aromas, a complex mix of sweet, savory and tangy with a good dose of spiciness that makes it perfect for a rainy day.
Nasi Kuning Combo
It's hard to decided on a favorite dish, but one I reliably order time and again is the nasi kuning (simply meaning yellow rice, from the color it takes on from the tumeric), that is served with tumeric-flavored fried chicken, beef and egg in a vibrant and spicy red sauce and potato croquette (also tumeric/curry flavored). It may sound like a spice-overload, but it is very well balanced with the other ingredientss (like coconut in the rice, or the plain starchy-ness of the potato), making for a combo plate that is infinitely vibrant and ever more intriguing and delightful with every bite. And all that for $6.95!

And oh, they also have avocado and durian shakes too (for those who are into that.)

For those with more conservative palates, they also serve Americanized Chinese/Japanese fare like orange chicken, teriyaki salmon, egg foo young and tonkatsu curry too. But if you're as foodventurous as I am, stick to the stuff that needs pronounciation and explanation guidance from the staff ;)

Only one other opinion so far: Gate 419 also marveled at the main courses here

Chicky BBQ & Grill
1206 E Huntington Dr., Suite A
Duarte, CA 91010
(626) 357-1500

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Exile Kiss said...

Hi H.C.,

It sounds like Chicky is getting better than when they first opened. Do they still only serve like ~2 Indonesian dishes, or have they expanded the menu a bit? Thanks. :)

H. C. said...

Chicky has about 10 Indonesian items (a respectable 1/3-1/2 the menu) now.


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