Thursday, March 19, 2009

When It's Good To Be Square . . .

Sweet Square Bars
Sweet Square, a Westside-based bakery specializing in assorted dessert bars and squares, recently offered to send me a sample of their various treats. With my affinity for all things sweets, how can I refuse?

It wasn't long until their assorted dozen arrived in the mail and landed on my doorstep (for those who live within their 5 mile radius, they'll actually deliver for free!) In perfect timing too since I had friends over, so I halved the 2x2-inch squares and had a tasting with a pot 'o tea and some sparkling cocktails.

The bars we got to try were the blondies (with hunks of macadamias and white chips) the s'mores (with marshmallow, graham cracker crumbs and chocolate chips) and monkey bars (chocolate cookie chip bars with toffee and pecans) -- it pretty much transported us to a bakesale, except without worrying which mom makes the good stuff 'cause all of them tasted great (the s'mores was a little messy with crumbs falling all over, but worthwhile with the choco-mallow combination.)

In addition to the cookie-ish bars, they also offer brownies and lemon bars and even more adventurous creations like the "makin' bacon" squares (with real bacon bits embedded in brown sugar cookies, finished with a maple glaze) And at $18 for a dozen of these squares (i.e. a pretty reasonable $1.50 per bar) I can see it being a hit as a comforting-yet-creative care package or thank you gift - or a no-fuss finger-friendly treat to pack for a group outing.

For another take on Sweet Square's creations, check out FoodGPS' post or LAist's interview with the founders. And to check 'em out yourself or to order, go to their Web site at



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