Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Quickies #35: Man Bites World on Media, High and Low End Events this Weekend

Another foodblogger in the media: Noah from Man Bites World will be on the Patt Morrison Show on KPCC-FM (89.3) around 2:30 p.m. today talking about his worldly eats around town. This was after he did a segment with KTLA-TV while feasting on a bona fide French feast down in Newport Beach. But as I said before, his foodblogging project is pretty damn unique . . . he's on Day 50 now and still finding new places and countries to explore. His recent highlights include exploring the strange cuisine of Cambodia, watching the presidential debates in a Nigerian restaurant and munching down some hard-to-ID Nicaraguan bites. (In case you're not a NPR junkie or missed the live interview, the segment can be streamed/downloaded afterwards on the Patt Morrison site.)

Careers Through Culinary Arts Fundraiser Dinner at Grace: Yes, the economy is a slump and we're all trying to pinch our pennies whereever we can, but if you are going to do a splurgy blow-out meal anytime soon, I can't think of a better one than this Nov. 3 charity dinner to help high school students pursue their culinary passions. The menu, which the program gradutes help prepared, include kona kampachi tartare with with lemon gelee and red shiso; crispy squash blossoms with burrata, olive oil and cherry tomatoes and oven roasted leg of Sonoma lamb with black olive sauce and roasted fall veggies. $125/person.

Silverlake at it again with the Sunday tastings: I've mentioned their unbelievably wonderful $20/person Sunday tasting deal with suckling pig and pumpkin lasagne (see fellow foodblogger FoodGPS's summary here) -- again, this Sunday they are whipping up something special. Less is known about the menu this time, but it's four courses again and "Hannibal the Argentinean butcher" will be grilling beef and chicken and the dishes will be paired with eccentric wines from all over (Calif. chardonnay, a Bordeaux, Australian shiraz and Argentinian malbec). Again, missing out on this fun because I'll be at the Food Event in Malibu! As always, RSVP is pretty much a must.

Other things on my weekend planner: doing the 2nd Annual White Trash Wine Tasting with Caroline on Crack (in case I ever need to pair a fine wine with slim jims, fritos and ding dongs!); Caroline also tipped me off about Gruesome Hotel Murder Mystery going on tonight and tomorrow night. Sounds like lots of fun and there's free "killer cocktails" (and only $10-15 a person!) Finally, I'll be at the Edison tonight to check out their Soup Kitchen Fridays (35-cent drinks and snacks of grilled cheese & tomato soup) as well as the Jules Verne Festival opening night event, which is screening a few Disney classics (including Fantasia 2000) along with complimentary cocktails and apps. $15/person (well, $17 after ticket fees) and you have to buy online beforehand.



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