Wednesday, October 15, 2008

$1 sparklies at Cube tonight!

Wow, special deals are pouring like crazy recently. First the Phillipe's French Dip for a dime, then Silverlake Wine's 5 courses + 5 wines for a Jacksonl, then yesterday's Canter's 60-cent corned beef sandwich anniversary special. And today, to commemorate their starting wine service, Cube Marketplace and Café announced via their e-newsletter that they will be serving up $1 prosecco and lambrusco tonight! There will also be other food & drink specials (wines by the glass, obvs) going on as well. What better incentive to go and check out their amazing meats & cheese plates, or their pastas!

Reservations are recommended.

Cube Marketplace and Café
615 N La Brea Ave, Los Angeles
(323) 939-1148


Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip! keep driving by this place.. proseco for a $1.. canters for 2 @ $1.30 was just AWESOME last nite.


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