Monday, October 13, 2008

Bizarre Foods & Cranberry Bog hitting LA this week!

Two tidbits to tide you over the week . . .

Not one, but two LA Foodbloggers will be featured in tomorrow's episode of
Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, with Deep End Dining's Eddie Lin taking Mr. Z to the offal-friendly Ford's Filling Station, followed by Teenage Glutster's Javier doing a homemade tripe trio tasting. From what I can tell on the preview, there's also gonna be mucho bizarro bites of insects and vegan food too (ok, the latter is not so strange in la la land). Tune in (10PM Eastern on Travel Channel) or DVR it.

For a weird experience in realtime, be sure to check out Hollywood & Highland on Oct. 15 - 17, when Ocean Spray will be taking over with a "Red Carpet Bog" with over a ton of cranberries from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.! There will be cranberry farmers to explain the process of harvesting (no, it doesn't naturally come in a sweet sauce blob with the can ridges still imprinted on the jelly) and the health benefits of these crimson fruits (such as fighting urinary tract infections). The winner of the cranberry recipe contest (Roasted Cranberry Quesadillas with cream cheese and maple syrup, yum!) and LA resident, Michael Cohen, will also be there. And of course, lots of Ocean Spray product samples. Too bad it doesn't go into the weekend or after normal work hours, though.

P.S./Update: Just found out Eddie Lin is also featured in Nov. issue of Los Angeles magazine highlighting, what else, scary meats in LA! Can't seem to find that particular list on their website, but check out the hardcopy if you wanna know where in LA to get water snakes, balut and bull penises.


glutster said...

I still can't believe that actually happened!!!!

It all happened in a matter of 2 weeks!

thanks for mentioning it.


Esteban said...

That sounds interesting--at least just to say that you went, but I agree, the timing is a bit off...I'm no workaholic, but even I'm at work 10-4 M-F. They must be targeting an unemployed-but-really-loves-cranberries demographic. Interesting.

oddlyme said...

Or with the timing, maybe they are targeting Ak-tors. Our special cityspecies : )


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