Monday, December 17, 2007

Need Your Help for My End-of-Year List Series!

The end of the year is around the corner, and we all know what that means in the world of media: lists, lists and more lists. There's even a list to endorse lists! So I'm going to put one up before '07 rolls out, with your help!

As Sarah from "The Delicious Life" pointed out, we foodbloggers and foodblog followers don't always eat out at the hottest, trendiest & tastiest restaurants, nor do we whip up fancy meals fitting for saliva-inducing photos every single time. I'm going to take her point one step further: hell, there are times when we love eating stuff that we hate to tell to our acolytes.

"You, my epicurean muse? Like that?!" Yes; here's a tissue.

You may try to hide it, but the clues are there... orange chicken sauce stain on the shirt, the cheets caught under fingernails, or that rapid-fire order for a strawberry daiquiri. How 'bout the "Cheesecake Factory" receipt (for a party of one) that fell out of the billfold? Oh the horror!

But think of the cathartic release you'll get by confessing your favorite anti-foodie edibles & potables to me for my series of "Foodventure Sins of 2007"! (If you've read this far into my entry, consider yourself tagged to reply) Simply comment to this post or send me an e-mail with your list of Americanized, chain-y, mass-produced, adulterated, corporate and/or semi-homemade stuff that you just can't resist but also can't fully bring yourself to admit loving. A few words about what keeps drawing you back is appreciated too!

I'll be posting the series till the end of the year (because, of course, next year we'll all repent and learn from the errors of our ways and just cold turkey all that junk off . . . or so we would say.)

And I will be putting up my foodventures sins list shortly, so stay tuned . . .

If you feel like restoring the balance by also proclaiming your love of swanky & respectable joints - send it to Dana from the "The Knife" for the Kindest Cuts series (including one submitted by yours truly).

Did I mention you're already tagged if you got this far? ;)


Chubbypanda said...

Lol. I love it.

Panda Express
Soup Plantation
Elephant Bar
Lee's Sandwiches
Jonny Rocket's
Curry House

glutster said...

I used to (I guess still do) adore Souplanation, haven't been able to go recently though...

Just the garlicky whiff as soon as you walk in brings back so many memories of "guiltlessly" stuffing myself.


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