Friday, December 07, 2007

Friday Quickies #9: Foodie Events of Past, Present & Future

I've definitely been enjoying my share of Season's Eatins', hopefully you all are as well :)

So here's a brief & eventful Friday Quickie -

Past: 16th Annual Indio International Tamale Festival - again, a gastronomical journey that was well worth the two hour drive and shlepping. Having already blogged about it last year, I didn't do much note-taking and photo-snapping since everything looked pretty much the same. Of course, I had to visit Grandma Lupe's stall again, and glad she's still going strong and the tamales still moist, fluffy and wickedly yummy. A new contender I'm particularly impressed with is Temecula Tina's, which had a succulent chile verde-pork tamale and a delicious apple tamale with a caramel center.

After sampling my fill, I brought back about 30 in an icebox to share with friends and slowly polish of myself. But already I'm counting down the days till the next one . . .

Present: Thanks to a tip from Caroline, I'm heading out to the Chivas Studio for a charity event and practically free drinks. Hopefully I learn a few more whiskey cocktails (i.e. beyond Manhattans and Old Fashioneds) as well as a better appreciation of the spirit. But my dining/drinking companion and I are heading to Luna Park beforehand for dinner so we don't get too tipsy too fast (though chances are probable that we'll probably have a drink at Luna Park too!)

Future: Meeting up with friends, and possibly Abby, at this Sunday's LA Luxury Chocolate Salon; with lots of chocolatiers that will be selling and sampling their goods (along with some wineries and spirits too!) Definitely a fun event for any cocoa-phile or anyone looking to polish their chocolate palates beyond the likes of Godiva & Ghiradelli, and not a bad deal either for $17.50 advance or $20 at the door. Hope to catch you there ;)

Anyways, about time to take off for Luna Park & Chivas Studio, so here's to a good and tasty weekend!


glutster said...

you should of said something!
at least I wasn't the only one that rationalized by "eating at Whole Foods later"... ha!

I'm still trying to recover.


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