Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Foodventure Sins of 2007 Series: Me

Ok, I figure I might as well start the confessional series with my own list of foodie sins, so here goes:

1) Honey Walnut Shrimp (and variants thereof) available at
Panda Inn, PF Changs & other Americanized Chinese restaurants - I am not even sure why I am so addicted to this dish. It sounds yucky (battered fried shrimp tossed in a honey-laced, mayo-laden sauce with a few candied walnuts for garnish) but it's such a nirvana-like (though guilt-ridden) pleasure every time I pop one of these sweet, heavy, crispy suckers into my mouth.

2) The Tamale Cakes at Cheesecake Factory - probably because it's a "savory" dish that appeals to my sweet tooth and my fat cravings; the masa patties are super-sweet and it's topped with obscene amounts of avocado, salsa verde, sour cream and a chipotle-ranch-like sauce. On the up note, I can eat this "appetizer" alone and be full, though I'm sure it's packed enough calories for all three meals.

3) Frozen Pot Pies from ConAgra Marie Callender's - nevermind what hormones & antibiotics those animals were possibly injected with, they are the perfect instant comfort food swimming with vegetables in a gravy like sauce and covered in an artery-clogging crust. And unlike some pot pies which try to deceive you with only a top crust, I can be assured that the gravy-sogged side & bottom crusts are there for me in these individual sized fellas (the box may say 2 servings per pie -- but who really shares these anyways?)

4) Pudding Milk Teas from various "boba" places - having worked at a Tapioca joint for almost two years in college, I am utterly sick of those damned pearls. But I still can't get enough of the custardy pudding that you can slurp up through the thick straws. If it's any less sinful sounding, I do prefer to get my teas from joints that fresh-brew them to order (and not let them sit in a vat for half a day), such as Monrovia's Aloha Boba.

5) "Rolly Sushi" - Yes, there are occasions when by "let's eat sushi" I mean the grossness that's dripping with teriyaki sauce and mayo and stuffed with avocados, shrimp tempura & imitation crab. More the reason for me not to post a photo up . . . which will likely wound up on a "Wanted" poster at real sushi bars all over the city. Also a word of caution to future dining companions, double check with me on what I really mean when I go "let's eat sushi".

Alright, I've spilled my beans of shame -- now it's your turn :)


Anonymous said...

wait, are you saying the walnut shrimp ISN'T authentic chinese?!?! i swear i'm not being sarcastic because the first time i ever had it, it was with my inlaw-inlaws at a chinese place in sgv!

Kirby! said...

anyone who doesn't like a big fat juicy steaming reheated frozen pot pie straight from the oven probably has a heart of stone.... mmm....potolicious...

H. C. said...

Sarah, Ha! I'm 99.9% certain the shrimps are American-Chinese concoction like fortune cookies & "crabmeat" wontons. But many authentically Chinese places do serve them to appease the American palate (like burritos in Mexican places, which are pretty hard to come by in Mexico proper.)

True that ;) -- though not all frozen pot pies are made alike.... the ones from banquet are pretty scary.


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