Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holiday Themed Friday Quickie #10

With all the holiday menus & food gift ideas that are zipping into my e-mail, I figure now's a good a time as any to fire off a few quick holiday food thoughts:

- Dining Out during the Holidays. Of course, I've gotten a whole lotta e-mails for prix-fixe menus on Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve. Not sure if I'll go to one, given the pretty high price tags on most of them. But I hope everyone who's already made "Eve" dining out plans are going to play nice, the staff are essentially giving up their holidays so that the non-cooking, non-serving people can have one. And having worked holidays foodservice in years past, the allure of big tips and overtime pay falls way short of having to work on a day when everyone else is celebrating or getting R&R. Yes, there still should be an expectation of appropriate service and food, but for all the "little things", be generous and cut a little slack.

- Now for a much more affordable prix-fixe event that I'm excited about, American Express & are hosting a Restaurant Week from Jan. 27 to Feb. 8 (except for Feb. 2) -- with many happening Los Angeles restaurants doing three-course menus that doesn't burn a hole through your wallet; lunches are $15 or 22 and dinners are $25 or 34. Some of the places I plan on checking out are Grace, Noe and Angeli Caffe. For a full list of participating restaurants and what they're serving, go here.

- Finally, this X-mas I've actually been shopping for my own wishlist (just so I don't get too sore if I happen to get crappy foodie gifts), including a mandolin slicer, citrus press and a Boston cocktail shaker + strainer set. There are still a few more things I would like but I'm happy with what I got myself now, and there are already lots to celebrate and be thankful for. I may post up my wishlist this weekend, if only as possibly inspiring (and last-minute) gift ideas.



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