Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sweet and Simple NYC Thoughts

Why does L.A. NOT have one of these? WHY?!!!

Just went the Big Apple for the second time ever -- and first time with an actual food budget -- have plenty of photos in the editing room and blogposts ideas swirling about, but here's a few tidbits I picked up from the weekend that was:

-- loved the late night dining options available here!

-- the cocktail scene compared to LA is practically night and day; checked out Angel's Share, PDT and White Star (and almost got into Milk & Honey, oh well - next time), all of them served up excellent drinks with friendly, knowledgeable bartender service (even towards us West Coasters).

-- O. M. G. -- a mobile, gourmet dessert truck!
-- dining well wasn't super-pricey either. Went to a Michelin 3-star restaurant for lunch; three-course prix-fixe was less than $25!

-- had some East Coast / NYC Specialties: Dunkin' Donuts coffee, good and slightly better than starbucks and the cruellers are nice too, still prefer Peets for chain-y coffee and LA Mill for boutique. As for pizza, I rather like the New York-style slice. The thin-yet-soft crust, the light sauce, and the mozzarella cheesiness plus the oregano and red pepper sprinkles. Also did Gray's Papaya hot dogs, decent and a nice deal for .99 apiece.

-- thank goodness I had my suit jacket or I'd be totally underdressed for most of the places I went to (though at one place I had to shed it before going-in, and was the only person in there wearing a t-shirt-over-long-tee top ~ yikes!)
-- love how single-friendly many of these establishments are.
-- only things that kept it from pwning LA on every level, lack of In 'n Outs and taco trucks and the prevalence of public smoking and crazy vehicles and pedestrians (yes, even by our standards)!
-- finally, in one of those rare occasions that I agree with a certain TV food celebrity named R.R.; talking to the locals does help in finding great eats and drinks. Many of this weekend's great gems came from mingling with fellow diners and restaurant/bar staff.

Those are my brief, immediate thoughts for now, longer, tastier ones to be posted soon!


gourmetpigs said...

I can't wait for my own trip next week! You should blog all about it before then so I know where I should go ;)

Anonymous said...

So great to hear you had fun. I can't wait to hear more!

Anonymous said...

which restaurant did you go to in NYC that was Michelin 3-star restaurant, I'm going there myself in Dec..

fauxLAhipster said...

glad to hear you had fun in nyc! so now you know why ny'ers have such food/drink snobbery :P if you need some more tips on where to go during your next visit, just let me know! :D

H. C. said...

burumun heh, hope you had fun in NYC!

Siobhan just started my NYC postings, keep an eye out and thanks again!

Fishybear Jean George's for lunch

FauxLAhipster will definitely hit you up for tips next time, and yea -- cocktailing L.A. will never be quite the same...


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