Monday, November 03, 2008

Small PSA RE: Prop 8 ads on my blog

I almost never make a non-food related post, but I just noticed today that my Google Ads are plastered with "Yes on Prop. 8" stuff, which apparently is also a problem plaguing other LA area foodblogs. So just want to make it known that I am not endorsing that political position; I've already filtered them out via my Adsense controls but it may take a little while to activate.

/announcement, and oh yea, go vote!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, thank gawd for Twitter else I wouldn't have noticed it! It really pissed me off tho to see it on my site. That's why I put that big ol' No on Prop 8 banner up. Take that! BTW, so where are you watching the election?

Unknown said...

You go buddy!!! Yup I voted!!!

wilben said...

I also spotted it on my blog late in the day and blocked it.
I was kinda pissed that it showed up in 3 places throughout my blog.
I also didn't endorse that position also and wondered how many of my readers saw it.


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