Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Quickies #39: Post-Thanksgiving Edition

Stickin' it to Zagat scores and Michelin stars...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is having a swell time doing Black Friday shopping (please don't trample the workers -- no matter how hot the sale!), relaxing with loved ones or enjoying the leftovers. For me, this year's mostly-pre-made feast may be the best yet (deets to come in upcoming post) and I'm getting my jollies looking at turkey cake wrecks at my favorite food-related timekiller. But moving onto this week's quickies.

Debut of Eat:Los Angeles - Unlike the more tourist-geared Zagat and Michelin guides, Eat:LA is written by locals and longtime Angelenos who savor neighborhood caf├ęs, divey holes-in-the-wall and street vendors as much as they do the big-name, high-end players in town, not to mention handy features on walking food tours and non-restaurant food establishments that tends to be neglected by the other guides. Contributors to this guide include Bandini from the Great Taco Hunt, Pat Saperstein from Eating L.A. and Linda Burum who writes for the L.A. Times. And Pat just noted that this Monday there will be a book signing at Vroman's from 6-7 p.m.

Prohibition Specials - Dec. 5 marks the 75th anniversary of Prohibition repeal and of course bars will be celebrating that. LA Times' Daily Dish blog reported that dropping a password at Comme Ca will land you one specialty cocktail at 75 cents (gotta email for the password). Eater L.A. noted that Casey's, Cole's, Broadway Bar and Golden Gopher will have 75-cent Dewar's until 11 p.m. and $5 drink specials afterwards. And the Edison will be celebrating with a midnight toast and breaking open their own blended barrel of reserve Kentucky bourbon. So... who's going to declare Dec. 6 National Hungover Day?

Finally, I'm looking forward to tomorrow's jungle food marathon with the bloggers behind Gourmet Pigs, FoodGPS, Mattatouille, Food Destination, Food Marathon and Teenage Glutster. No we will not be swinging from vine to vine wear loinclothes, but we will be checking out some pretty exotic tropical dishes throughout L.A. (as opposed to the "top it off with a pineapple and call it tropical" stuff). Sounds exciting, esp. given how great their last food marathon in K-town turned out.

P.S./Update: Just found a new fascinating read: Association of Food Journalists' Blog "Food for Thought", which includes tidbits on how to expand food knowledge, enhance the writing and food journalism issues along with profiles of, and advice from, prolific food writers including, of course, Jonathan Gold.

P.S./Update 2: Discoverd more amazing things via LA Times' Daily Dish blog, this time Carl Warner's Landscape Art, using food in the landscape. Here's the foodscapes gallery posted on the Telegraph site and you can see more, and buy prints, here.


mattatouille said...

love that link to assocation of food journalists. Gold's blog post (well, the one about him) was interesting. Looking forward to the marathon. I better be ready to eat...(and thanks for the linkage!)

Frequent Traveler said...
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Frequent Traveler said...

Good Sunday evening to you, Matt !

Let's put it this way... I won't go back to The Luau... I wouldn't be surpised if it closes within the next 4 to 6 months, either.

I wrote a review on my blog.

However, in addition to that (and although I'm 50) on a Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. the bar was totally empty -- and the average age of the couples eating there was 65 - 70.

Ominous for a newly opened place, especially in Beverly Hills, where you'd think the trendy crowd might be flocking, albeit somewhat later on in the evening...


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