Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mini Foodventure #126: AMMO (Hollywood) Small-Batch Social

Ammo Small Batch Social
Thanks to an invite from their PR firm last month, bloggerprom co-conspirators Caroline on Crack, e*starLA and I got to check out AMMO Restaurant's Small Batch Social, a monthly mixer that they throw on with tastings of several spirited sippers from artisanal alchy producers alongside small bites from their kitchen. When I attended, the partner-in-crime was Santa Barbara-based Telegraph Brewing Co. along with beer sommelier/consultant/educator Christina Perozzi a.k.a "Beer Chick". (We also met SocialDomain's John and FoodSheThought there)
Beer Chick Christina Perozzi
Christina did a great job giving us a brief primer of the Telegraph Ales, and all the beers had a uniquely assertive character of its own -- from the tart and aromatic reserved wheat ale to the dark, oaky porter.
Telegraph Beers on Display
My personal favorites are the California ale, which has some body but still refreshing enough to quaff w good spicy-citrus hints to boot, and the stock porter that has some great malted chocolate & coffee notes.
Open-faced Sliders
While the printout have recommended food/beer pairings, it's basically a free-for-all and I actually had more fun playing mix-and-match between the different brews and hors d'oeuvres, which included hangar steak w salsa verde & arugula on a crostini, red endives w Humboldt Fog cheese, walnut and wildflower honey and bite-sized grilled cheese (the last of which are super-addicting, I had about five of those crispy, gooey goodness!)

And for those interested, their next Small-Batch Social takes place tomorrow; with theme "Juniper in June" AMMO will be highlighting three boutique gins (Bluecoat American, Right and Blue Zephyr) in handcrafted cocktails, again, paired with assorted nibbles from their kitchen. And at only $20/person, it's not a bad way to spend a Thursday night and get a headstart on the weekend. So bring a friend (or a few) and have some low-key, spirited mingling and don't forget to RSVP by calling number below.

A few more photos from the May event here.

AMMO Restaurant
1155 N. Highland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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kevinEats said...

Good to hear that this worked out. AMMO has been sending me stuff for a while now so I was wondering about them.

glutster said...

Grilled cheese's are always a test of will power to stop eating, ha, ha.

Maybe some Kombucha would do the trick, will bring some next time we eat or something, I always carry it around...everywhere.

I can teach you if you like, the way of the Kombucha that is, to have your own potent (non "GT Dave") stuff...

H. C. said...

@Kevin hopefully you'll get a chance to try AMMO's small batch social soon.

@Glutster, can't wait :)


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