Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back down (with goodies) from Northern California . . .

Venus Belt Clouds at Lost Hills
Ah, it's good to be back in the LA/OC after a blissful four days up in Northern California, which was as near-perfect as a mini-vacay can get; yes, even the hours-long drive up and down the 5; it was pure pleasure soaking up the scenery in the day, clearly gazing the stars and constellations at night, and catching up on all my public radio & music podcasts. And of course, all the eating, drinking and exploring in the city of San Francisco, the countryside of Sonoma County and the sleepy-suburby-college town of Davis (my undergrad alma mater, and we have our own wiki!) I'll definitely have many happy memories to hang on to as I trim my way back down to pre-vacay weight (and to look good for BloggerProm!)

While it'll take me a little while to gather my notes and sort out all my pics (including the gorgeous Venus' belt photos in this post -- taken en route back home at Lost Hills, CA); here's a little tasty teaser -- some of the foodie souvenirs I've brought back from the North.
Loot Brought Home
Assorted Paté de Fruits (pear-lime, morello cherry, passion fruit and blueberry-cassis flavors) and the Green Box of tea-Inspired sweets from Recchiuti Confections

1/2 Pound of Giant Steps blend from Blue Bottle Coffee Co.

Two Valrhona brownies from Tartine Bakery & Cafe, plus an individual bittersweet chocolate-toasted hazelnut tart

Two dark, organic Dagoba bars (lemon ginger and beaucoup berries) that I have yet to encounter in L.A.

Tea Infused Chocolate Collection from Charles Chocolates / Teance

And, an homage to my alma mater, a mug commemorating our most infamous and made-fun-of "recreational activity"
Cow Tipping Mug
What can I say? If you can't fight it, embrace it (with a good cup 'o joe.) Keep an eye out for my NorCal food- and drinkventures soon! But in the meantime . . .
Venus' Belt at Lost Hills


LetMeEatCake Eat With Me! said...

i loved this tasty teaser list...planning a 3 day trip up the coast and hopefully I will be able to make a stop up in SF!

Anonymous said...

Nice mug!

Anonymous said...

Nice Post
Steven Spurrier

Aaron said...

Nice swag. Makes me wish I was more productive with my time back in the Bay


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