Tuesday, December 02, 2008

BLD's Spiked Milkshakes . . .

. . . worked with varying degrees of success, but at least it indicated how much of an online marketing sucker I am. BLD's email came on Friday night touting their once a month (usually last Sunday) milkshake madness. Milkshakes plus alcohol? Count me in! Of course, I also brought along some friends so we can sample more flavors.

The shakes cost $4 - 9 depending on flavor and whether you wanted it spiked, OR you can get a flight of three mini-servings (still a substantial 8 ounces or so) for $13 (alchy included). The flight seemed to be the better deal so we ordered two of those in order to taste all the flavors, including:

Roasted Banana Nutella with Frangelico - easily the favorite amongst all of us, it tasted like the banana nutella crepe and the comparatively low-proof frangelico only boosted the hazelnutty flavors without making it taste too alcoholic.

Tequila Caramel Shake with Sauza / Don Julio - initially likeable 'cause really, who can resist caramel, but then the tequila bite kicks in. Nonetheless, we all kept taking small sips, enjoying the brief, initial creamy sweetness before the lingering notes came forth.

Raspberry Prosecco with Hangar One Lime Vodka - got mixed results in our group. Technically, it's more an alcoholic smoothie than a milkshake -- I personally like the flavors ~ reminds me of a raspberry limeade with a little alcoholic punch, but one of my friend hated the supposed vodka burn. Was he sensitive or am I a bonafide alcoholic more tolerant? Who knows...

Pumpkin Shake with Amaretto - easily the most loathed of the flavors, too much pumpkin spices and amaretto, resulting in an overkill of aromas and definitely a little burn going down. This was the only shake we left unfinished by the end of the evening.

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout with Toasted Marshmallow Topping and Makers Mark - since there were only five flavors, we actually got two servings of this. Goody for us since this was delicious: like a hybrid between a chocolate malt and a smore! A little messy to eat (I wound up with a shake & 'mallow moustache) but oh well.

Despite the mixed bag of flavors, it was fun trying them all and a great way to conclude a month and a weekend. I definitely look forward to them switching up the milkshake flavors (particularly rotating out the pumpkin... ecchhh!) and checking them out again. Maybe next time I'll even arrive early enough to check out their charcuterie too!

BLD (my previous foodventure with them here)
7450 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles


mattatouille said...

these milkshakes seem consistent with your dream of opening up a dessert/cocktail place one day. Nice to do some research, those flavors look pretty good. Thanks for the review.

Anonymous said...

The choc stout + makers probably yields a similar product to 25 Deg's Guiness Milkshake?

God this is such a fantastic idea!

H. C. said...

@Mattatouille, would love to hear whatcha think if you are gonna try at the end of this month :)

@TonyC, Oooo thanks for the heads up that 25 Deg does Guiness shakes too.


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