Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mini Foodventure #33: BLD - Better Late than D'oh!

Much like my Mozza experience, my BLD excursion came very much belated, way after every other foodblogger had their take. So I'll follow the advice of fellow foodblogger Erin and keep my opinions quick and brief. (But what is up with their Web site? "Coming soon" came and went, eh, half a year ago.)

Just go and give it a try (whether for the B, L or D -- or maybe a snacky S) - reviews aren't as universally glowing as Mozza, but generally positive -- I personally liked it and so have others. Also a good opportunity to get a taste of Neal Fraser's style before committing to the pricier and more exotic offerings of Grace.

BLD, opened by the folks from nearby Grace restaurant as a more casual dining option, sits on Beverly Blvd. (just east of the Grove) alongside notable eateries and hangouts such as MILK, Hatfield's, El Coyote and Susina Bakery. The environs was light and airy, conducive to an informal meetup with friends or a nice family meal, not so much for business talks. Date spot? maybe at night --

I ate during brunch-time on a Sunday. Not having reservations, I opted for a bar seat instead of a table wait -- which gave me prime seating to view (and smell) the crepes being freshly made and the charcuterie & cheese platters being put together. Despite the tantalizing smells, I skipped both the crepes and the cuts and went for coffee and a sandwich instead.
The coffee - good and strong, just like Grace's -- really wished I had the stomach for a rich dessert - like the molten cake from nearby Susina's - because this would have been a perfect non-alchy pairing.
Like Sarah from the delicious life, I had the braised pork shank sandwich. Simply wonderful mix of greens, tart and spicy whole grain mustard, and melt-in-your-mouth tender pieces of pork in a substantial bun. The side salad was fresh and crisp, and the viniagrette delightful.

But enough said already for a quickie review; I'll end with a close-up shot.
7450 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles
Menu at


Doug said...

sandwich looks amazing - the bread seems just right for the filling.

From the other reviews I've read, MILK and Mozza are definitely high on my list if I ever ventured to the w. coast.

henrychan888 said...

oh man! staring at crepes and not eating any is hard to do... sandwich looks the greens.

Lainey-Paney said...

Feeling an affinity for the restaurant now b/c it sports my initials.



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