Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sweet sweetness at Sensi (Las Vegas)

To start things off on a sweet note (and many more deliciousness to come) in my Las Vegas foodventure series . . . my "meal" with friends at Sensi, their dessert sampler; it's a dish I had been craving ever since my '07 Vegas trip but was unable to get because they were closed between meals when I arrived (I did, however, have a pretty awesome lunch there earlier in the day -- a "Chef's Choice Bento Box" that includes four specialties for a pretty sweet price of ~$20).

This time, around four of my friends and I decided to split the ~$40 for the sampler. We figured we get about six desserts. Oh, how little prepared we were for the huge, gorgeous sugary work of art that arrived.
Yes, it's a three-tier tall tray of about 15 different desserts (use the semi-hidden martini behind the tiered trays for scale). Granted, the sizes of each dish are fairly small, but this is the biggest assortment of sweets I've seen yet!
There was a citrus granita in a light lemon cream, tiramisu (barely in photo to the right), a strawberry mousse (behind citrus granita), and pina-colada sorbet in a semi-eggshell bowl made of white chocolate and vanilla-chocolate pot de creme. . .
. . . two kinds of creme brulee (regular and green tea, the former of which has a duck-fatty taste, which oddly tasted REALLY good), sticky toffee pudding, lemon custard and meringue sandwich, various flavored truffles and cookies.
And four housemade ice creams (the most memorable being the thai iced tea flavor, the orange one above) and a conical chocolate centerpiece (yes, even the biz card is edible)! But more importantly than the looks is the taste, and I'd say everything tasted good or better. The toffee pudding, tiramisu and two cremes were may favorites, but it was definitely fun trying over a dozen sweets at once.

The drinks we ordered were pretty decent as well. I had a Thai-inspired cocktail made with rum, fresh lemongrass and their house ginger beer. Not-too-sweet and very refreshing and just want I needed before I brave the heat of Sin City summer.

(in Bellagio Hotel)
3600 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas
(702) 693-7223

P.S. Photo credit for this foodventure goes to my friend William H.

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Chubbypanda said...

I need to stay away from that restaurant for the sake of my waistline.

H. C. said...

CP, Identifiable waistlines and functioning pancreas are so last decade! ;)


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