Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Quickies #32: Top Drinks, Bottom-Priced Beef and Events in Between

Top Drinks?: Whether you're doing the AWFF, my cheap-o weekend events or something in between -- keep your head steady 'cause on Monday The Edison, in partenership with Absolut, is hosting a launch party & casting call for new reality show America's Top Bartender. The event starts at 9 p.m. Hopefully plenty of talented bartenders come to show their stuff, and not just a bunch of hunks 'n hotties making syrupy and vile apple-tinis and hurricanes. To RSVP, go their facebook page here. I'll probably attend for the earlier portion of this and getting soba/ramen at Little Tokyo too!

Bottom-priced beef: With the economy on everyone's mind, Gourmet presents a timely and pretty feature on butcher's cuts -- more humble sections that nonetheless packs great, beefy flavor such as chuck eyes, flat irons and skirt steaks. And of course, tested recipes that lets you prepare and cook them with ease. (also worth mentioning from Gourmet, an article on sustainable sushi -- I personally have been avoiding bluefin tuna when possible, there's so many other delicious seafood to discover anyways!)

2nd Annual LA Chocolate Salon in Pasadena, Oct. 5: probably the event I'm most highly antcipating this month, this year's events will feature more chocolatiers (including locals such as Chuao, Valerie and Mignon) and chocolate themed events (including a chocolate sculpting session and a "sensual chocolate demonstration"). If it's anything like last year's, then it's a definite good deal for $20 at the door or $17.50 in advance -- you can taste all the different vendors and discover the various origins and styles of chocolate making. Maybe you'll even find a new brand to crave as well! At the very least, you'll enjoy them a lot more than mockolates.

Oktoberfest at CT Lounge in Eagle Rock, Oct. 2: for another way to spend your Jackson, check out the CT Lounge from 6:30 to 9 p.m. when they will be doing tastings of several German beers along with a menu of German sausages and strudel (the $20/person is all-inclusive), with host and beer expert Jeff Musial providing his insight into the annual celebration and the German brews. Reservations are required, though, so give them a ring at (323) 257-2245 if you're interested.

Finally, some fun food reads I've discovered recently --'s "most disgusting food. ever" in Mongolia, and CakeWrecks' reminder that cupcake-cakes are never a good idea, unless for laughs (that Curious George creation looks more like Chewbacca!).


aquaken said...

On the sustainable sushi front: Starting October 22, sushi lovers will have three pocket guides to sustainable sushi to help them make choices that are tasty AND good for the oceans. They're being released by Monterey Bay Aquarium and its Seafood Watch program, and by the folks at Blue Ocean Institute and Environmental Defense Fund. Check it out at, and --Ken Peterson, Monterey Bay Aquarium


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