Thursday, July 21, 2011

No. 199: Pacifico's Adventures on Tap & My First Video Bloggin Experience

Nick Helping Himself to Pacifico
I've always toyed around with the idea of video blogging (I absolutely refuse to say 'vlogging' which sounds like I've got phlegm stuck in my throat!) but have been afraid to make the leap and buy the equipment. So when the folks representing Pacifico Claro wanted me to attend their "Adventures on Tap" launch party in L.A.'s Capsule Labs -- and giving me a video camera to document the experience -- it sounds like a great opportunity to dive right into video blogging... and a glass of refreshing beer.

Unfortunately, the camera arrived only a day before the event so I didn't have a lot of time to figure out the set up, mounting and operation. But luckily, the camera fitted perfectly in my backpack's shoulder strap pocket, so I didn't have to do a whole lot of adjustments to capture the scene.

Of course, it was great running into fellow bloggers Victoria, The Minty, Nick and Bill and others at the party -- and we all enjoyed a few refreshing gulps of the south-of-border brew while catching up on L.A. going-ons in the food & drink scene. It made for an absolutely serene weekend...

In addition to an ever-flowing tap, Pacifico also commissioned a specially-decorated keg highlighting the easy, breezy SoCal lifestyle (and the keg itself will be making rounds around local bars in the area, so keep an eye... and a palate... out.)

Photo credit: Pacifico; read more about the decoration process and their LA adventures here

So... there's my first video blogging experience. As I expected, taping was the easy part... going through all that footage afterward and then snipping & trimming & editing is considerably more energy-intensive. But thanks to Pacifico, I look forward to giving this a try for future events too.

And of course, giving their beer another go next time I see it on the menu. Especially if it's on tap in that pinata keg.

To find out more about their "Adventures On Tap" voyage from San Diego to Seattle, check out their facebook chronicles here.



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