Thursday, October 28, 2010

No. 184: Yamashiro's Farmers' Market, Go Tonight!

Yamashiro Farmers Market Collage
If you're still looking for something to do in the fair weather we'll have tonight, check out Yamashiro's Farmers' Market before it closes up shop for the rest of the year. I went two weeks ago when it was chilly and a bit drizzly, and still had a rockin' time with Conbon, Jennio and Goldmember.
Sam Adams Octoberfest
. . . with Sam Adams Octoberfest beer, a refreshing and easily-quaffable lager with some roasty-toasty notes (if you want, for a few bucks extra they'll serve it in a glass stein that you take home.)
. . . swanky live music
ChocoVivo chocolates
. . . and shopping from local farms and artisanal vendors (was thrilled to see ChocoVivo and owner Patricia Tsai there, where I got a small bar of their stone-ground chocolate - with cherries, almonds and peppercorns - to eat later)
Yamashiro Grill
and of course, Chef Brock's taco stand (which Bloggerprom attendees are more than familiar with,) with a unique East-meets-West twist.
Since all the tacos were meaty (still crazy tempting though!) I opted for a chips platter, but even that was anything but ordinary with Chef Brock's Asian spin on the accompaniments such as wasabi guacamole, korean chili salsa roja and ginger pico de gallo. The guac alone is worth it -- so creamy-rich with a little nostril-opening kick at the end.

Thankfully, Chef Brock hinted that the tacos will live on even when the Farmers' Market go on hiatus -- but if you haven't been to this Farmers' Market, now's definitely the time to go. Whereas can you shop & eat at night (cheaply too!) at a historic landmark of a restaurant with such amazing views of LA?
Barhop & DTLA Artwalk Collage
And for us that night, it was the perfect prelude to a mini barhop @ Library Bar and The Varnish, with a little Downtown Artwalk in between.

More photos from our night's of fun & debauchery here.

Yamashiro Restaurant
1999 N Sycamore Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90068-3782
(323) 466-5125



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