Thursday, October 22, 2009

Va-va-va-voom for caramels from Vosges at Vegas

if you met me in person or even read my tweets with any regularity, you know I have no limit on my love for Vosges' assorted sweets.

In case you haven't heard enough of me gaga-ing over their chocolate bars, their truffles and their ice creams, here's another item to add to the mix: the exotic caramels collection... and I usually don't even like caramels! (one major exception for the lemon and sea salt ones from Little Flower Candy Co.)

But just like other sweets in the Vosges empire, these aren't your usual caramels. First, just like almost everything else they offer, these are dipped in smooth milk and dark chocolates. Second, the caramels themselves are infused with a variety of eclectic and, yes, exotic flavors.
Caramel Box Interior 2
Running the gamut from fairly innocuous (the Crema with dulce de leche and cashews) to unusually exciting (the Leaf with anise myrtle), the entire box was a sheer delight as I looked, smelled and savored every sweet, creamy, chewy bit as it coats my tastebuds and palate in sticky lusciousness.

While all of them were wonderful, I did have a few favorites that I took an extra long time to enjoy, holding it on my tongue for as long as possible before my mouth's warmth gently melts it into an aromatic, buttery pool of thick syrup. And they are:

Rosey with rose water and pink peppercorn (and topped w a rose petal) - wonderfully fragrant with floral and vegetal notes and just a little spicy to give it that extra enchanting zing.

Maple with maple sugar, maple syrup and walnuts - being one who's always impressed when a restaurant serves up the real deal maple syrup with pancakes, French toasts or waffles, it was no surprise I took a liking to this. The maple flavor shown through and the soft crunch of the walnuts was a wonderful textural contrast. I wouldn't mind having a few of these along with some bacon and calling it breakfast!

Tart with Campari, blood orange and hibiscus powder - as the name suggests, this caramel is on the tangy side - infused with acid and the apertif plus a topping of the vermilion, slightly-puckery powder, it made for a complex, intriguing treat that I had fun with as I tried to dissect each element in my mouth.
Caramels 2
At $37 for 18 pieces (two of each flavor), these aren't your everyday take-care-of-that-sweet-fix munchies (and I exercised great restraint to limit myself to 3-4 pieces each day so I can prolong the pleasure over a work week) but they are a worthwhile special indulgence when you can set aside the time to enjoy a little something more refined and luxurious. And obviously, when I only go to their Purple House boutique on my once or twice-a-year Vegas excursion, these are definitely on my shopping list... along with a cup of spicy Aztec hot or frozen drinking chocolate that trumps Serendipity3's any day.

And in case you happen to swing by the Vegas and interested in trying yourself (now where I can find them around L.A./O.C.?)

Vosges Haut-Chocolat
in Caesar Palace's Forum Shops
3500 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 836-9866


Diana said...

EVIL, HC, you are EVIL! Now I must find room in my budget for $37 caramels! Ugh, but darn it, they just sound so delicious!


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