Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Another Giveaway to Taste of Abbot Kinney . . .

Ok, for those who missed out on winning the Taste of Abbot Kinney tickets on the last giveaway, here's your SECOND chance at them, as I'm giving out another five pairs to five lucky readers for the Oct. 11 feast. Once again, the $60/person event benefits Inside Out Community Arts, and it will feature tastings and discounts at some of the most popular eateries along the street (NOW including sweets tastings Jin Patisserie, and a 10% discount off purchases at Intelligentsia Venice as well as other additions) along with discounts at numerous AK boutiques and shops.

Tweaking the rules a little for this drawing, here goes:

1) Tweet "I want to win @LAOCFoodie's ticket giveaway to @TasteofAK on Oct. 11! http://bit.ly/ToAKTix" (Goes without saying, create a twitter account if you don't already have one -- follows to TasteofAK or my twitter account appreciated, but not necessary and won't improve odds . . .)

2) Leave a comment on this blogpost with your twitter account name AND e-mail address (during last giveaway I had to pass up on some winners because there wasn't a way to contact them.)

3) I'll draw out of the correctly-made entries end of tomorrow, Oct. 7, 11:59 p.m. PST -- winners will be e-mailed/tweeted to the morning of Oct. 8 with a deadline to reply by 10 p.m., after which I'll start drawing alternate winners if I don't receive a reply.

So good luck and enter away! And of course, spread the word to others about this fab inaugural event (which, again, I love since it's a walking tasting tour to each of the eateries and bars as opposed to some offsite venue.)

P.S. Just found out via Caroline on Crack that fab events-at-a-discount site Goldstar is offering Taste of AK tickets for a reduced price of $36/person (plus $5.50 processing fee) so in case you didn't win -- and you can still score some serious savings . . .


Anonymous said...

Please pick me! I'm dying to go, but can't afford it. Thank you!

Twitter: ireallymean
email: barrettny@hotmail.com

sarah said...

sarah@....can youdo it via twitter? you can dm me if i win :)

Farley said...


e: farley.elliott[at]gmail[dot]com

Lee said...


molly said...

twitter: http://twitter.com/mangopopstar

email: i will DM you on twitter right now. thanks!

molly said...

oops, guess i can't DM ya. mangopopstar@gmail.com

CK said...

yay another chance =)


101 Odd Jobs said...

Hurray for 2nd chances! Thanks for another opportunity *crosses fingers and toes that I win*


C'mooooooooon baby let's win this! Mama's too poor to buy tix on her own!

1000steps said...

Twiter - 1000Steps

Anonymous said...

Twitter: AroundTheWayGrl

email: misagnes@yahoo.com

Hobson's Choice said...

Thanks for the opportunity.

Twitter: @hobsonschoicela
Email: HobsonsChoiceInfo@gmail.com

girlrobot said...

twitter: girlrobot
email: kim at girlrobot.net

Anonymous said...

Pick me! Pick me! Pleeeease!!

Twitter: starvingjd
Email: dkwok@prodigy.net

choisauce said...

u already know this info but here u go beeyach

twitter: olivejina


Dinesh said...

would be awesome if i got it this time around!



darci said...

i love going to foodie events!!
email: dgwartz@gmail.com

Jujube06 said...

Please pick me - I'd love to go! :) thanks!

email: jessica90275 [at] yahoo [dot]com
twitter: Jujube06

Thaibruin said...

Me want FOOD!


thaibruin at gmail dot com

Rhea said...

Thanks for the awesome opportunity! YUM!



Jennifer said...

Ooh! Round 2...now that's some generosity right there! I love events involving food, especially if stuff is free!~

email: jinkwell@gmail.com
twitter: jinkwell

Deadzie said...

I would love to go and check this out! Here's my info:

email: deadzie@gmail.com

Aubrey said...

Food...it's what's for dinner. ;)

email: celeste.aubrey@gmail.com

Emily said...

sounds delicious!

email: thedailyholiday@gmail.com

Steve said...

just started culinary school. could really use this opportunity to expand my foodie horizens since all my money is now going to tuition.

email: ramirez1ste@gmail.com
twitter: ramirez1ste

dvd said...

would love to go....crossing my fingers!!

email: juniper38@yahoo.com
twitter: aeroblu

Meenoy said...

Yum-Yum! Please gimme some! I'm twittering for you!



alex said...

twitter: anderyoung
email: ander.young @ gmail com

i would love a 2nd chance at this!
so many missed opportunities at the abbot kinney fair!

christine said...

Twitter: Cursetine
email: cvtrinh1@gmail.com

yay! 2nd chance. Pick me please!!

Jenny said...

Rolling the dice for a 2nd chance!
Twitter: girlgourmet
Email: jennylm72@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Pick me!!
e-mail: cirelle@roadrunner.com
See ya there!

Nacole said...

Good food in my hood - can't beat that - fingers crossed...

twitter: @CitizenSkin

email: nacole@citizenskin.com

Good luck everyone!!!!

yutjangsah said...

twitter: yutjangsah
email: yutjangsah@gmail.com

tallnoe said...

I do really, really, really (to the nth degree), want to go and stuff my face...
And then work my ass off on Monday morning.
It would be SUPER.
How are you going to do the random drawing? Super special like @thedelicious and put the strips on the floor??

tallnoe said...

I did not pay attention!!! Major fail.

twitter: tallnoe
email: noelle@eventsbynoelle.com

Tammy Tu said...

Hi, thanks! And I believe I met you at a Ghetto Gourmet event once, you blogged about it...a few years back??!


Twitter name: @chefttu
email: chef.ttu@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the second chance! Would love to win a pair of these tix!

Twitter: djdoss
Email: djdoss@hotmail.com

Carlyn said...

Tasting my smorgasbord already!



DevaLady said...

Hey - So excited - Didn't receive an e-mail. What do I do to redeem my fabulous prize???
Twitter: @DevaLady
e-mail: cirelle@roadrunner.com


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