Friday, July 17, 2009

Friday Quickies #66: So Much To Do, So Little Time To Actually Blog!

Bulgarini Gelato
Six-dollar gelato from Bulgarini

Eeek, between bloggerprom planning, my recent fantastic birthday dinner at Rustic Canyon, still going over notes and editing from my NorCal excursion and doing a food media/blogger trip *at this very moment in Baja California* -- I barely have time to sort through my e-mails, messages and facebook invites of foodie going-ons, let alone meeting my daily minimum requirement of foodblog reading! Ack! So today's Friday quickie will be dedicated to the week that was--

After many months of procrastination, I finally had the chance to check out Bulgarini Gelato in Altadena; in a word - amazing! I love the uber-smooth and rich texture of the gelato and the sorbetto, and the flavors delectably fresh and tasty -- from the usual suspects of hazelnut and chocolate to the more eccentric blood orange, milk with lime and yogurt with oil (the last one is like a cheesecake, I swear.) For a few more thoughts on this place, check out my FoodDigger review.

Speak of cold treats, I also had the chance to try shaved snow at schoolhouse-themed Class 302 in Rowland Heights; unlike shaved ice, the "snow" is actually a mixture of condensed milk and ice and comes out with a whippy-fluffy texture, kinda like fresh powder that you eat rather than ski/snowboard on! Totally delectable with its assortment of sweet toppings (from fruits to azuki beans to mochi globs). Another FD review here.

And thanks to their PR for comp, I also had a chance to check out East LA Meets Napa - a wonderful event that highlighted a great representation of Latin-American cuisine from traditional to modern-eclectic and showing that, yes, you can pair them with wines! Photos and more info to come later, but it was definitely great tasting all thoses treats, wines, even a "tequila from the future" and meeting up with fellow bloggers. Hopefully this event was a success for the fundraisers and the restos/wineries represented and that it'll make another comeback next year!

Finally, as I age another year, I guess now is good as any other time to express my thanks and gratitude to the foodie community of L.A./O.C. -- from the industry-savvy media that provides interesting and in-depth coverage of the eating and drinking scene, to the fellow bloggers who I can always count on for foodventurous nibbles, sips and the occasional borrowing of well-taken photos, and even the PR folks for their news, intel and the occasional hookup with freebies. I started this blog almost 3 years ago just to share my thoughts and feelings on events, favorite hangouts and discoveries of new places, but so many doors have opened along the way, which I'm always delighted - and extremely humbled - to be a part of.

So here's to another year of great and adventurous eats and that, like many edibles and potables, things DO get better with age!


Food, she thought. said...

Happy Birthday Handsome! I wish more than anything I was in Baja with you people! J!!!! Have a wonderful and safe trip and see you soon!

Delicious Coma said...

Great to meet you at the Indo dinner last weekend, H.C. Have a blast in Baja!

Diana said...

I think we need to celebrate your 3-year-anniversary and all these lovey dovey foodie blogging thoughts with another round of yogurt and oil. Because one thing that does not get better with age is gelato. It MUST be eaten immediately.

H. C. said...

@FoodSheThought, Thanks for the B-Day wishes!

@DeliciousComa, great to finally meet you too... Baja was a blast!

@Diana, heh-agreed! I might piggy back that off a Bashan trip I've been long meaning to make. Care to join?


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