Thursday, November 29, 2007

(Liquid) Recipe Time #9: Triple Citrus Drop

Inspired by Cocktail on the Fly's unique and yummy drinks made with fresh ingredients, I decided to take advantage of the delicious tangerines I've got lying about to make a triple citrus drop that's vibrant in color and flavor!

1 tangerine
1 shot citrus flavored vodka (I used Modern Spirits' Grapefruit Honey)
1/2 shot
limoncello, substitute with more citrus vodka if you do not have
1 oz. lemonade
splash of simple syrup
sugar for rimming (bar/baker's sugar preferable)
ice cubes (the larger the better to minimize dilution)

1. Ice down a cocktail glass (put in the freezer or fill with ice water)
2. Peel the tangerine and separate the segments, saving a finger-sized piece of the peel and piercing the outer skin of each segment by chopping in half or peeling one side off (easier to extract the flavors and juices later when shaking);
3. Gently scrape the outside of the saved peel with a grater or a serrated knife to help release its aromatic oils.
5. Put the tangerine segments (setting aside one or two for rimming & garnish) and scraped peel in a cocktail shaker, add the other liquids and the ice last.
6. Shake vigorously for a minute (so the ice cubes can break up the segments & peel and help release their flavors).
7. Get the cold cocktail glass (and empty it out if using iced water method); rub the saved tangerine segment on the edge of the cocktail glass and rim it with sugar.
8. Strain the cocktail into the glass and enjoy!

Customization Ideas:
1. To make the drink a little more eclectic in flavors, add a few slices of raw ginger or a few drops of vanilla extract ~ even a slice or two of pepper for a bite!
2. Blend some tangerine zest from the peel with the sugar to make a slightly colorful and very fragrant rim.
3. Also great with any other fresh citrus in season (limes, grapefruits, etc.) adjust portions accordingly.
4. It's great alongside the
tangerine-vanilla panna cotta ;)


Chubbypanda said...

Cat is all over this recipe. She loves lemon drops.

H. C. said...

After making this, I don't think I'll ever order another lemon drop at a bar again! :) Hope you & Cat enjoyed


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