Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday Quickies #1: Chabuya, <3ing Alberta Straub (Miss Flighty), Restaurant Service and Froyo

Too short to be a substantial blog entry (asides from an excuse to dish out food photos), yet too long for my Twitter -- that's what my Friday Quickies will be for: brief moments of tastings, observances and other food-related thoughts I've made over this past week.

Chabuya Tokyo Noodle Bar: Finally had a chance to check out Chabuya on the little tokyo strip of Sawtelle. The shrimp shumai ($4.50 for four) were definitely a rip -- it was soggy, pretty bland and I honestly think it came from a frozen package where $4.50 can buy two dozen of those. The ramen was good but not great, I agree with
rameniac that the soup is too flat (and too MSG'd) & the noodles too limp. The accompanying chashu was pretty good though. Nonetheless, I probably won't stop by here again anytime soon, given the other great & yet-to-try Japanese restaurants in that area.

Alberta Straub a.k.a. "Miss Flighty": The flighty hostess of an absolutey wonderful video podcast "
Cocktails on the Fly", she's knowledgable, funny, unpretentious and full of good advice and tips for mixologists of all levels from the basics of muddling & shaking to differentiating alcoholic bitters to making specialized, fresh-tasting mixers. Definitely a girl I want to have a drink with, or just mix drinks for me ;). Alas, she is in San Francisco ---

Restaurant Service: Came across a fun read from about
rating restaurant service. Of course, this is highly subjective depending upon the establishment and the diner, but a lot of good basic tips and funky formulas here hold true across the board (including my service pet peeve: approaching me to check up when my mouth is full . . .)

Froyo: Ever since losing my
FroYo virginity a while back, I've learned to embrace the addictive habit (though I still stand by my original stance that I'll eat it for the taste, not as a healthy alternative to ice cream. If I crave ice cream, I'm going for it!) However, I have no brand preferences as far as this slightly tangy treat is concerned... unlike a certain someone. ;)


rantsnravesnreviews said...

whats the protocol for tipping if the sevice is fine, but the food is either done incorrectly or awful? This happened recently and the server did not offer to replace the dish, so when the bill came I asked them to take it off the bill It was not eaten.

H. C. said...

I think it depends on how much of it was a front-of-house vs. back-of-house mistake, since in most cases your tip goes towards the former. Having been in foodservice myself, I typically won't go below 10% unless it's extreme.

I will also say in my worst service scenario ever at a BJ's, my friends and I left a penny with an unhappy face drawn on the receipt.

Anonymous said...

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