Monday, September 27, 2010

I've been busy . . .

Ah, feels so good to be blogging back on my own blog again; in case you already didn't know, the last few weeks I've been just a little bit pre-occupied with . . .

Photo Credit: Heather Kincaid
Blogger Prom, the sequel, at Yamashiro Restaurant (w fellow committee members Caroline, Esther, Lindsay, Marni, Tara, Maya and, not pictured since she's in Spain, Natalie.)
Photo Credit: Eric So
Since there's no shortage of blogosphere love in the form of cleverly-written event recaps and fantastic shots of the venue, view & festivities -- I decided to focus on some of my favorites behind-the-scenes committee action . . .
Photo Credit: Caroline on Crack
. . . such as our planning meetings at various spots around town (such as Vintage Enoteca above) where we threw back some drinks and bites while we nailed down the event logistics, updated each other on sponsorship opportunities and of course, deciding on the theme (and we are ecstatic at how well "Hollywood Confidential" came out, a mix of classic golden age glamour and gritty noir most suitable for the historic, and allegedly haunted, Hollywood restaurant.)
Yamashiro Exterior
The site visits where we got the lay of the land and had a little sneak peek of the foods that Chef Brock Kleweno would be served that night.
Yama Wedgelette
(I loved the Yama-goddess dressing that goes with their wedgelette salad, which saying a lot since I typically hate knife-requiring wedge salads -- luckily, the ones served at Blogger Prom were miniature, dressing-dunkable versions on a skewer!)

Photo Credit: Caroline on Crack
The seemingly Sisyphean task of stuffing ~200 goody bags with swanky swag . . .

Photo Credit: Caroline on Crack
. . . a little less daunting with some wine-from-a-box, thanks to Fresh & Easy (who also supplied the bottled wines poured that evening.)
Photo Credit: Heather Kincaid
And of course, working the event day of, from checking our live-twitter screen . . .
Photo Credit: Heather Kincaid
. . . to getting the our various food and beverage vendors (Chocolate Box Cafe, The Cheese Impresario, Coolhaus, The Beer Chicks with Eagle Rock Brewery beers, The Dalmore plus others) prepped and ready to be stampeded by hungry hungry bloggers . . .
Photo Credit: Heather Kincaid
. . . to staffing the event with our awesome team of volunteers (Caleb was my partner-in-crime @ the check-in table,) so the committee actually has time to mix, mingle and actually have fun!
After party at Test Kitchen: @thegirlblogger, @samkimsamkim, @happygomarni, @eddiedallen, @chefbrock
Photo Credit: Caroline on Crack
But even with less time to work and more to play, the evening ended way too soon. Luckily, at the 11th hour of planning, we were approached with an afterparty offer by hotspot Test Kitchen, so attendees and staffers alike can let their hair down and kick off those dressy shoes from a little more conversation and cocktails before finally calling it a wrap @ 1 a.m.
Photo Credit: Heather Kincaid
And between the gorgeous day-after photos by our official Heather Kincaid and the small army of attending shutterbugs, all the loving blogposts, cheerful tweets and facebook updates afterwards, AND the money we raised for Operation Frontline LA, my post-event afterglow literally lasted for days!
Photo Credit: Heather Kincaid
Obviously, I can't wait to do it all over again with my awesome committee friends next year. Until then . . .
Photo Credit: Heather Kincaid
It's back to your regular scheduled foodventures programming . . .


Gastronomer said...

Vern and I had a glamorous evening at prom. Thank you for all of your hard work. Hats off to you and the crew! Bravo!

Food GPS said...

All of your committee's planning clearly paid off. Great event. Thanks again for including me.

Kat said...

Thanks for working so hard and making the event a huge success! Loved the theme and location! Gorgeous view of the city joined by Gorgeous people =D


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