Monday, July 26, 2010

No. 172: Simply Sublime Chocolate from Providence

Box o Chocolates from Providence
Probably best birthday gift I've received in a while. Even though I just woke up from a nap when I got it, I had a little squeal of delight when Conbon presented this box to me. Just looking at the logo on the top, I knew what it represented . . .
Chocolates from Providence
. . . Providence's chocolate collection by their pastry chef Adrian Vasquez! Being both a fan of his delectable sweets at Providence (and what he created at Lamill Coffee Boutique,) this was definitely a chocolate experience to look forward to. And as much as I'd like to wolf them all down in one sitting, I decided to be good and spread it out over four days -- giving myself an ultra-luxe three-piece chocolate break for most of the work week.

And it was sublime . . . the collection runs the gamut from familiar-with-a-twist (a milk chocolate coffee truffle spiced with Turkish Urfa chili) to other-worldly exotic (an intensely earthy and fruity bittersweet truffle with a Rooibos tea & Chambord infused ganache.) And while I enjoyed every piece, my absolute favorites were the tropical, light and refreshing white chocolate truffle with a kalamansi lime & mint ganache (like a mojito in chocolate,) a milk chocolate one with Jameson Irish Whiskey that struck a beautiful balance between the spirit & the chocolate, and the bold dark chocolate baharat, infused with a medley of fragrant Middle Eastern spices whose flavors linger long after the rich ganache melts away. Here's a description of the delicious dozen . . .
Chocolates Guide
Of course, now I can't wait for a self-indulgent moment to compel me to bring the empty box back for a refill . . . and maybe enjoy a well-crafted cocktail and a nibble at the bar as well, but I already know a full-on dessert tasting would be too much even for my sweet jaws.

Thanks Conbon, but you know "I'm not gonna write you a love song!"

5955 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA

(323) 460-4170


Gastronomer said...

Drooool! These chocolates are SO beautiful. Happy belated birthday, H.C.

Diana said...

I had no idea that Providence sold chocolate! This could be a bad thing.

Happy belated birthday!

Banana Wonder said...

What does it take to be friends with this conbon you speak of? I think I'd like the dark chocolate bahrat best:)

H. C. said...

@Gastronomer, thanks for the b-day wishes!

@Diana, I didn't know either until my dessert-tasting there, when someone ordered a box to go.

@Anna, haha, I'm sure you'll meet her one of these days - she's one of my usual +1s (esp. when I need an omnivore's perspective)

Unique Chocolate Gifts said...

amazing chocolates......chocolates with design really attracts people....i love it....good job...yummy...


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