Tuesday, March 30, 2010

No. 161: Preview of Tonight's Radio Room at the Edison

Thanks to a media event last night, fellow bloggers, journalists and lil ole me (soon to be big ole me at the rate I'm eating & drinking vis-a-vis my recent lack of exercise) had a chance to preview the drinks served tonight's Radio Room at the Edison (along with an antipasti spread and some fab crab claws and shucked oysters by Christophe Happillon.)

Edison digi-photo frame
Once again, I'm WOW'd by the creativity and craftsmanship that the guest bartenders have brought, with each cocktail leaving a distinct one-of-a-kind impression in my head that just makes me wanna pack my bags and head to these fellas' hometown bars to see what other impressive tricks they got up their sleeves. Alas, until then, there's the actual Radio Room tonight.

And just in case you or your wallet can't stomach all six of the featured cocktails that night ($14 each), here are my favorites that are definitely worth an order:
Vieux Cerde
Vieux Cerde (pictured above) by Seattle's Zane Harris: A variation of the Vieux Carre using 12-year-old Irish whiskey, VSOP Cognac, Elisir M.P. Roux, bitters and a twist of orange; overall, it's a silkier, smoother version of the original--probably due to the ages of the two base spirits--that's still very aromatic with a complex bouquet of herbs and sweet spices. And like Vieux Carre, it's still packs a potent punch, but this one teases you a bit of sexy finesse first . . .

Good Morning, Vietnam by Simon Ford of NYC/London: A simple concoction of gin, ginger and Scottish orange marmalade, and it's really the final ingredient that makes all the difference! I occasionally use fruit jams and preserves as a cocktail sweetener myself, and it definitely gives it that special je ne sais quoi. In this drink the orange marmalade melded wonderfully with the spicy ginger and flowery gin, creating a cocktail that's wonderfully balanced and playful at the same time. Have a sniff and the floral-herbal notes of the gin come forth, and just as it touches the tip of your tongue and there's sweet-burn tingle from the ginger, and finally, the citrus-acid flavors are brought out as it runs down the sides and center of the tongue and into the throat.

Globo Rojo #2, also by Zane Harris: A great drink for both mezcal newbies and lovers, a strawberry-infused version is mixed with tawny port and finished with bitters. Again, a delightful balance, this time between the mezcal's smokiness, the port's vanilla, nutty notes and rich mouthfeel plus the sweet, juicy scent of the berries. It's the liquid equivalent of eating roasted strawberries covered in luscious milk chocolate.

The other three featured cocktails of the night have their own merits too (the ramp-infused Rite of Spring, a sweet, sour and spicy Infante and the fragrant, flowery Wild Orchid) so do bring a few buddies so you can give all the drinks a try and vote for (perhaps re-order) your favorites!

Last but not least, keep an eye out for the absinthe fairy and her cart too. Practically everyone who tasted the pineapple-absinthe shots loved it.

And here's another take of the preview event by Gourmet Pigs, e*star LA, ShopEatSleep and Thirsty in LA.

Radio Room at the Edison
108 W 2nd Street
Los Angeles

The Edison in Los Angeles


Sippity Sup said...

This is indeed an interesting line up of cocktails. I did not know you were such a cocktail head! Me too! GREG

Exile Kiss said...

Hi H.C.,

Nice! This is sounding more and more tempting, every time I read about it. I'm going to have to go soon. Thanks. :)

Sino' said...

so.. better drinks than RR 1? Bummed I missed it.

MPsy said...

I love going to the Edison and would love making it one of my regular bars if not for the rather steep price tag. The house cocktail 'the Edison' is quite good! As well as the Southside Fizz. When I go with one of my groups of friends we tend to turn a few heads, most likely because we're in costume (steampunk).



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