Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bon Bon for BonBonBars!

BonBonBar package
Since blogging friend Caroline on Crack got to talking about BonBonBar's bourbon candy bars, I figured the time's ripe for me to get off my procrastinating blogging butt to talk about its across-the-Atlantic cousin, the Scotch Bar infused with Talisker Distiller's Edition Single-Malt Island Scotch aged in oak and sherry casks.

Now, these are NOTHING like those horrific of saccharine, liquor-cordial-filled chocolates of gag gifts (literally!) past. Nor is this a bar that you'd wolf down to get your everyday cocoa fix fulfilled (though I think the $5 per bar price tag already suggests that.)
It's a bar meant to be savored slowly so you can enjoy its complexity of flavors and textures -- smooth, rich dark chocolate with flecks of sea salt, melting away into butter caramel and the Scotch-infused ganache. The whiskey's presence is definitely noticeable, but it's warm and comforting; a little fruity, a splash of vanilla, the slightest hint of roasted maltiness. It's the edible equivalent of sipping, and savoring, a little sherry-aged Scotch at the end of the day (w a little chocolate truffle to nibble on the side!)

And even though BonBonBar's owner/candymaker Nina Wanat has moved from LA to SF, I'm just thankful that BonBonBar resurrected (my last order was one of her last batches before her then-indefinite hiatus while she moved.)
BonBonBar package opened!
Won't be long till I place my next order of Scotch, Bourbon and even peanut butter bars (no ordinary Reese's here, these dark chocolate beauties are filled with not only PB but also organic strawberry jam and wildflower honey!) Or just save yourself the hassle of choosing JUST ONE KIND and get an assortment to enjoy!

Just be thankful I'm highlighting them after Valentine's Day; delicious as they are, you would probably be fighting with your significant other over getting the last piece, if not the whole order! And kudos to ShopEatSleep for telling me about these lovely edibles.

sold online and at a few select (lucky!) stores nationwide

Scotch bar photo courtesy of BonBonBar


Diana said...

Sigh. 6 weeks. I have to wait 6 weeks until that peanut butter bar is mine!!!

Exile Kiss said...

Hi H.C.,

Wow, I had no idea. I *love* Peanut Butter. :) Thanks for the information; I can't wait to try them.


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