Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mini Foodventure #149: Blue Palms Brewhouse (Hollywood)

After a Monday (and a case of the Mondays to boot!), noshes that are simple and comforting are just the best . . .

Grilled Cheese, Tomato Soup + Beer
. . . that's certainly how I felt after a spending an evening with two newly-made friends and beer enthusiasts Gev and Seth at the Blue Palms Brewhouse for their Grilled Cheese Mondays that they started just this year. Some tasty, unique brews, a rich tomato-rosemary soup, and a build-your-own grilled cheese. My initial order of soup, sandwich (sourdough with pepperjack, grilled onions and avocado) and a pour of Lost Abbey's 2009 Angel's Share aged in brandy barrels came out at a very reasonable $11 ($5 for the beer, $3 for basic grilled cheese, .50 for each add-on and $2 for the soup.)

I wouldn't go out and say it's the ultimate grilled cheese and soup combo (particularly when I had to pull woody rosemary sprigs out of my mouth), but it was pretty darn good and where else can I find such a nice meld of unique, complex beers (Stone's Levitation Ale on cask, worlds better than the bottled and tap versions,) a slice of classic, cheesy Americana, and good convos with pals in a casual, friendly, neighborhood gem of a bar.

Looks like the beginning of the work week is going to get a lot better.

P.S. they have some sweet deals going on other weekdays too, including $4 pint Tuesdays and 25-cent wings on Thursdays.

Blue Palms Brewhouse

6124 Hollywood Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90028-5304
(323) 464-2337


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