Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Quickies #54: Reading List

Learning about wine and cheese at the 2008 LA Winefest

These past few days had been fantastic for food and drink articles, so keeping my Friday Quickie short and sweet with a nice reading list from the week that was:

- Slate's noteworthy column on how Yellow Tail single-handedly ruin Australia's wine industry

- 25 common cooking mistakes (and lessons learned) from Chow - I certainly am guilty of a few of these

- Categories of cheap, tasty wines (under $15 a bottle) to keep an eye out for, from L.A. times

- The tables a-turning as workers dish out extraordinarily rude customer behavior on the SF Chronicle

- Chow's interesting "Take Your Lunch to Work" series where one theme ingredient (so far they have roasted chicken, white beans and tofu) is used to make five different lunch meals for the work week. Nice for those looking to eat healthier and/or more economically, it's a good read for the recipes or to inspire your own five-day lunches

- LA Times' Jitlada review, I may not agree with the two stars - but it's vibrantly-written. For another take, check out Mattatouille's post (whom I dined with almost two weeks ago)

- and last but not least, the long-awaited debut of the LA Weekly foodblog, Squid Ink, with posts from Ritz Bites and of course, Jonathan Gold

Happy weekend reading, quiz on Monday! Oh yea, happy Easter too -- don't let the egghunt drag on too long!



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