Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Quickies #46: Deals and Steals Before and After the Big Game

Valrhona Chocolate Obsession 1

Palm Terrace Restaurant's Valrhona Chocolate Obsession with Gianduja Crust and Pecan-Covered Caramel Ice Cream, mmm.....

Yes, it's Super Bowl; but there's more than enough guides on what to do before/during/after the game already; I personally am doing my Akasha DineLA dinner (with newly-minted foodblogger Binary Tastebuds and others) during the game but mildly rooting for Cardinals though. Anyhow, onto today's quick and short musings.

Orange County Restaurant Week: to all the OC foodies, don't get jealous eyeing dineLA restaurant week from a distance (or grumpy from making that hour-long drive,) here's your chance to celebrate and patronize at your local eateries from Feb. 22 to 28. Over 60 restaurants will be offering prix-fixe lunch and dinner options from $20-40 a person, and there are some real gems in the mix including
The Ritz Restaurant and Garden, 230 Forest Avenue and Michael Mina's Stone Hill Tavern, Heck, LA folks may even want to dive down to nab some of these meal deals.

Another OC event my sweet jaws are excited about, the Palm Terrace Restaurant will be doing a "Cocoa Lounge" Dessert Buffet for the month of February, with delightful sweets created by their exec. pastry chef Michael Owens. If it's anything like the Valrhona Chocolate Obsession I had there for my Newport Beach Restaurant Week dinner (review to come shortly), it's totally worth it! It's $18/person OR complimentary for any Palm Terrace Restaurant patron who orders two or more courses for dinner there.

For the LA folks, Gourmet Pigs got the scoop on a Century City (mostly) sweets event to celebrate the opening of Jin Patisserie's second location at the Century City Intercontinental Mall. Jin's chef/owner Kristy Choo will be whipping up assorted finger sandwiches, exotic chocolate goodies (baked chocolate tart with pineapple; white chocolate with peach compote and yuzu jelly) plus a glass of wine and specially-blended chocolate drink. Sounds hard to beat for $17/person. Takes place on Feb. 5
from 5 to 8 p.m., and you have to RSVP at 310.789.6485.

And speaking of deals, the Bargain Babe blog reminded me that's super deal (literally, the promo code is SUPER) expires at the end of this month a.k.a. tomorrow! Simply put, get a $25 restaurant gift certificate for $3 -- that's some serious savings. Of course, you'll have to do some digging to find a restaurant you actually wanna eat at or try out, and be sure to keep an eye out for the restrictions (some places won't let you use the certificate unless you order above a certain amount, which blunts the blow of the bargain.) For me, it's a great way for snag a delicious discount at downtown's Pitfire Pizza -- and then grab a guilt-free drink or two at the Edison practically next door.

And finally, I got around to checking out the Kogi BBQ truck: Thanks to Matt of Dig Lounge, I scored a chance at tasting those infamous Korean BBQ tacos w/o having to stake my place in line half-hour prior or dealing with crazies. And for the most part, they're as every bit tasty as I imagined them to be. While their special pork belly tapas was unbearably sinewy and chewy (and had an unexpected bone within!) it was quickly made up for with their flavorful short rib slider and taco as well as their spicy pork taco, a nice change of pace from the usual carne asada and al pastor.

As for the Doheny itself, because they had to cater to such a large crowd, patrons were limited to the eight or so drinks from their cocktail list of the night (too bad, would've like to see what the bartends can come up with if they had free reign.) The ginger margarita was deliciously packed with sweet heat, and would've been a perfect match for that spicy pork taco if I had any left. There was also a cocktail made with aloe honey and juices that was pretty smooth and soothing at first, but ultimately too syrupy. I did appreciate the large ice cubes which kept the cocktails cold while minimizing dilution. Guess I'll have to wait for another invitation to check out this exclusive club next time...

and for those who missed out on Kogi or have yet to try, Colorado Wine Company in Eagle Rock is doing an event with them Feb. 26 -- tacos matched with fine wines . . . can't beat that (oh wait, there was that white trash wine tasting...); anyhow, details are still coming together (wines presented, time of event) but if you're interested regardless, email to RSVP or for more details as they become available (caveat: they are only accepting first 100 RSVPs, but do make the courtesy of canceling if you can't make it after all so others on the waitlist can get their chance.)


Anonymous said...

Are you going to the KBBQ/wine tasting? That sounds like so much fun. Too bad it's on a Thursday.

Pepsi Monster said...
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Right Way to Eat said...

Nice round up of all the deals going on. Barely caught the blurb about Jin Patisserie opening up a new location too.

The OC restaurant week sounds interesting. Are you hitting that up and which restaurants would you be interested in?

Oh, By the way, do you have any scoops on Kogi on which new items will they serve for the tasting?

Sorry, for the double posting!

H. C. said...

@Caroline, yep -- see you there and can't wait!

@Pepsi, NP on double posting, I do that all the time! :P

Stone Hill Tavern and 230 Forest Avenue are the ones that pique my interest the most, thankfully, the O.C. Resto Week seems to include Sun & Sat too so I won't have to worry too much having to race down there after a workday. Let me know if you want to do something. together.

H. C. said...

something together* -- funny how one little period between the two words can make a friendly invite seem creepy stalker-ish :x

Right Way to Eat said...

Hahahaa! HC, that's hilarious.

Yeah, I would be very interested. Let me know what is the schedule will be like on that weekend. It would be fantastic to check out the South OC!

Kat said...

Hey H.C. I am sorry I have been so behind in catching up on my commenting and blogging. It has been a CRAZY few weeks. If you are coming down for OC week let me know and I will join you for any of the meals to hang out and catch up ^_^.

I have been to 230 Forest Ave, their appetizers were pretty good but the main courses are so-so... the only thing is their service can be good at time but I had a horrible time the last time I went... but I am always willing to give it one more chance since I will have good company ^_-

I am so sad I missed the new opening of Jin Patisserie. mmmmmMmmmmmm lol


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