Friday, August 01, 2008

Friday Quickies #26: Bottle Shock, Fantastic BBQ tour, Cheap Eatings and Cocktail Open Bar

Hey there everyone, hope the quake didn't cause much damage where you're from. I personally had a little thrill from the shake-up, but then again, I did sleep through the Northridge one (and woke up late in the morning wondering why all the pots and pans are on the floor before turning on the TV.)

Anyhow, without further adieu, quickies for this Friday.

Bottle Shock opening next week: Thanks to Eater LA, my friend and I manage to get into a screening. In short: great film and definitely plan for some wine to drink before and/or after, because you'll definitely be craving it! Based on the 1970s "Paris challenge" and the consequent recognition of California as a major wine maker, it had lots of dry humor, suspenseful twists and, of course, vivid descriptions and epiphanies with wine. I liked it even better than Sideways, and is probably my second favorite recent foodie film (after Ratatouille), so give it a watch!

LA Commons BBQ tour and lunch, August 10: Coinciding with the World Stage Jazz Festival at Leimert Park, during this tasty tour and lunch you can hear stories "behind the sauce", lunch on "Q" and cobbler and enjoy the music, arts and crafts of the festival (as well as local shop and galleries) for $20!

UCheapEat: Highlighted by Thrillist today, the timing for this search engine is spot-on in these times of higher prices for just about everything. It's basically lets users search for restaurants where you can eat for $10 or less a person. Being in early stages right now (alpha mode at the moment), the listings of restaurants isn't comprehensive and there's not many ratings of these eateries, but worth giving a try if you feel adventurous and economical. (Just to err on the safe side, I'd advise cross-checking the results with the health safety grades too).

Caroline on Crack's Blogiversary Party: Blogger-friend and girl about town is throwing a fantastic party commemorating her 3rd blogiversary on Tuesday at Bar Lubitsch. Open bar with fantastic cocktails, cupcakes and giveaways! Who can resist?

Finally, for laughs and giggles (and thanks to Jeni of Oishii Eats for sharing), check out the Cake Wrecks blog featuring bizarre, ugly and crazy cakes people *actually paid* for! My "favorites": the "baby butt" and the "lotus-bound foot" cakes. Paraphrasing the blogger, because when you're a podiatrist, what better way to party than with a cake in the shape of the most horrific man-made foot deformity known on Earth?


Kirby! said...

I spent almost an HOUR yesterday laughing my head off at Cake Wrecks!! I love the misuse of quotation marks on half the cakes, a la Thanks for Being Our "Dad".

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome blog! Seeing as how you are a foodie, thought I'd let you know about OCfoodies. We would LOVE to have you on there.

DanGarion said...

Oh come on, everyone knows that the lower the food safety rating the better the food is... It's a known fact!


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