Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Quickies #22: Waffle, Meltdown, Vegetarian Thoughts and Five-Year-Old Party

Recent madness at my full-time job meant less foodventures for me :( -- but now that things are settling back to normal mode, I hope to have more time to dine, drink, cook and blog about it all :)

More meh-ness at the Waffle: So I gave this place another go, and I stand by my original opinion ~ not really a destination restaurant, but an OK go to sober up after drinks or to grab a quick bite before movies/clubbing. My dining companion was unimpressed with her waffles, whereas I felt the french toast breakfast was something that I could grab at any old diner (the bread did have great flavor from being soaked in vanilla custard, but it was pretty soggy-soft and not crispy at all.)

First impression of Meltdown, etc.: I've only been here once and Yelped about it, but I definitely liked what I had there. The sandwich bread was crispy w/o being too burnt or greasy, and the filling combo of sharp cheddar, moist ham and tangy apple butter was near-perfect (the ham did some slipping and sliding though); I only wish this place had longer hours -- Saturday lunch is the only time I can actually go at the moment.

More vegetarian thoughts: Even though I'm merely flexitarian now, whenever I opt meatless eating out I still get assaulted with all sorts of crazy remarks; appropriately enough, recently published an article about the same topic debunking myths (yes, it's perfectly OK for the rest of you to eat meat, we aren't judging you--really!) and expressing concerns (likewise, don't judge us!), it's a good read, for omnivores & herbivores alike.

Five-year-old Party: Much thanks to Caroline on Crack for the tip off, it looks a fun event when you can enjoy glammed-up version of childhood favorites -- such as kobe-style beef sloppy joes and mac 'n cheese with lobster -- along with plenty of juice (wine) to wash it all down. Also, as Caroline noted -- goldstar is selling event tickets for a discount (normally $60/person, but ~$45 with goldstar)! I got mine already :)

And finally, while I've enjoyed Michael Pollan's The Omnivore's Dilemma -- I am so not feeling his In Defense of Food, he comes off as so frickin' preachy, not to mention a bit hypocritical (he goes at length talking about how nutritional science propagate diet myths, but then debunks them using more recent nutritional science findings!)


Marni said...

The Five Year Old Party does sound like fun, but if it's anything like the Cupcake Challenge I just attended, put on by the same people, I might not be able to handle it! I am still so full from yesterday's cupcake pandemonium!

Kirby! said...

thanks for passing along that slate article... very interesting!

TaraMetBlog said...

I just went to Meltdown last weekend i like their Caprese sandwhich and my friend got the three cheese. Fun place, good food but pricey. Sorry I didn't see you at the Tequila event! :)

Pirikara said...

yeah I heard you were at MILK, too. well maybe next a lactose-free event! =P


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