Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Quickies #21: Grilled Cheese and Oysters

Grilled Cheesy Goodness: As I mentioned a while back, the Grilled Cheese Invitational is this Saturday, and Eater LA broke word that it'll be @ Griffith Park. While no alchy allowed, there's bound to be a lot of cheesy eats, costumes and performances (and that's a good thing). Can't make it to the event but still want to pay your homage to Grilled Cheese month? Caroline on Crack noted that Century City's Clementine is doing a Melt the Vote, offering five variations of the grilled sandwich throughout April, and letting diners vote for their fave. This weekend, modern soul food joint Larkin's in Eagle Rock is doing a deep-fried grilled cheese sandwich with spicy mayo as their lunch special. Of course, you can always fall back to Culver City's Meltdown, etc. or do Campanile's Grilled Cheese Thursdays.

Last 'R' Month: If cheese is not your thing, maybe oysters are -- but you better satisfy your craving soon before these mollusks turn bland. If you like 'em fried, LA Times has a handy list of places to check out.

And finally...: Brea's TAPS Fishhouse & Brewery is partnering with Napa's Pine Ridge Winery for a special five-course wine paired dinner for $85 on Wednesday, April 23. The inventive menu includes New York Steak with Porcini Essence and Blue Cheese "Flan" and Chocolate & Date Cake Spheres with "Valrhona & Pork Syrup" -- worth checking out for those with bold and fearless palates.


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