Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mini Foodventure #58: Waffly Opinion about The Waffle (Hollywood)

Specialty waffles? Available after midnight? Is it a drunk foodie's dream come true? Since nearby Hungry Cat is celebrating its 3rd birthday (very good oysters & drinks, by the way), my friend and I decided to kill two birds with one stone by sobering up at the Waffle. The reviews are all over the map, so might as well go and see if it's for us.

For starters, I would have to agree with what most other say about the decor (think Hannah Montana's alternate universe form, an emo girl with a dissociative identity disorder). Downstairs basically reminded me of a Norms diner with an even more depressing color scheme: 70s-era faded browns, dark yellows and muted oranges (the dreary palette would've been actually good for the sobering up drinker not looking for a lot of visual distractions, but I probably wouldn't have chosen vomity hues!). Upstairs is a bar/lounge area that's, well, abandoned. The maple martini did sound interesting, 'cept I gotta drive and there are already no shortages of consistently good alchy in that area of Hollywood.
I had frosted pecan waffles ($8), which were a little beyond pass-able; definitely better than eggos, but despite its special batter with pecan meal mixed in, it strongly reminded me of the "make-your-own-waffles" from brunching days at college dorm or restaurants doing the Sunday buffet. The frosted pecans and maple syrup were good, but I'm sure I could've gotten better versions of both @ a market. I wished I'd taken our very friendly waitress' advice and gotten the less mediocre sounding Sticky Bun Waffle.
My friend felt pretty much the same way about her applewood smoked bacon waffle ($9); Not having tried bacon & waffle together, she loved the sweet-and-salty combo of flavors, but agreed that the bacon-embedded waffle itself was nothing special and there are probably better stuff to be had in L.A. And both of us felt the prices were definitely on the high end for just two slightly-better-than-OK waffles.

And so ended our brief and unremarkable foodventure @ the Waffle. While it's unlikely that I would re-visit strictly for the food, given its late closing times (2:30a weekdays / 4:30a weekends) -- I may return after another bar trip and cross fingers that their non-Waffle items are better and more price deserving.

The Waffle
6255 W Sunset Blvd.

Finally, kudos to my friend Conbon for photos.


KT said...

I agree about the waffles, but my husband had the pancake breakfast and loved the pancakes. He also got about four times as much food as I did for his $9, so perhaps that is the way to go?


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