Monday, October 01, 2007

Mini Foodventure #40: Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market and Patio Café

Sometimes, simple is best -- especially so for L.A., where food is often gussied up with sauces, foams, gelees and mousses (which is at least one restaurant's downfall.) Oh yea, plus that fact that basic meals are easy on the budget too.

And that's exactly what I sought after when I had to do some weekend business near Pepperdine U., which I doubled into a half-day trip to explore Malibu.

I had recalled Rachael Ray recommending Neptune's Net on an episode of $40 a Day (yes, back when I obsessively watched the Food Channel), but I wasn't really craving a basket of deep-sea friedness--especially after pigging out the LA County Fair a few weeks back--so I did some cursory research on the foodie's board and decided to check out Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market and Patio Café instead.
The restaurant is right on the Pacific Coast Highway and easy to find, thanks to a mini-billboard they posted up. It's a order & pick-up place, with a trio of terraced outdoor patios to dine in. The crowd that afternoon was a mix of Malibu locals and surfers, with small groups of fanny pack and camera-wielding tourist and leather-clad motorcyclists revving up their hogs.

For a seaside fish joint, I will say that this place is remarkably well-kept--the fish counter/market side of the operation is clean and well-stocked with bright, colorful catches/imports of the day, but they also had selections that disagreed with my inner environmentalist (Chilean Sea Bass), health-nut (Atlantic Salmon) and foodie (*Imitation* crab salad.)

After surveying the options available (yes, they too had a lot of fried seafood + chips available, but also a wide menu of grilled fresh catches)--I opted for one of their specialties, the Ahi Tuna Burger, despite my prejudice against seaburgers (having had a salmon burger a year back that was dry, overseasoned and still tasted a bit fishy.)

After placing my order, I waited around 10 minutes for the food arrived--which was kind of a relief, knowing that even their non-fried foods are made to order and not just sweating over a steamtray or drying out under a heat lamp.

Here's the burger & the generous helping of colossal steak fries that were crispy and tasty and simply delicious even before I addesd salt & dipped them in ketchup & tartar sauce.

I noticed how my camera angle made the rather large ahi burger seemed small, so here's a better picture to show off its size.
But how did it taste?
In a word - DA-YUM! The burger was moist 'n juicy, nicely seasoned with onions & chives and assorted spices, with a a subtle briny flavor, and no offputting fishy taste. The tartar sauce was just enough to complement the delicious patty, and the veggies tasted fresh.

It was a wonderful, inexpensive lunch ($8.95) that was very generous (I came starving, and even then had to throw out almost half the boat of the yummy fries). Icing on the cake, I get to also enjoy a killer view of the Pacific from my patio spot...
This place would definitely be wicked as an early dinner joint with the sunset view (and maybe after a Mai Tai or two at nearby Duke's, if I am not driving). Can't wait to make a re-appearance here.

Malibu Seafood Fresh Fish Market and Patio Café
25653 Pacific Coast Highway


Chubbypanda said...

Rachel Ray? Eeeew...

Looks great. I love those little fish joints by the ocean.

Anonymous said...

I love this place! Used to go all the time when we would take bikes out to ride in the Malibu hills.

H. C. said...

CP: Haha, while I'm not a devout fan of RR, I did pick up a good tip or two for fast homecooking from her 30 minute meal shows. Now Sandra Lee... that's someone you don't want me to get started on.

Annie: Nice, I miss biking . . . any other Malibu joints that you love?

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I love eat fried food, but I had never seen a hamburger as delicious as you showed in the pictures.


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