Thursday, December 07, 2006

Got Listeria? A Foodventure No One Wants

Just read this Associated Press story about Jamba Juice/FDA issuing a warning about smoothies sold in the Southwest region (SoCal included) from November 25 to December 1(yes, a week ago) may contain strawberries that has the disease-causing Listeria bacterium.

Granted, like most foodborne illnesses, for most healthy people it probably means a 'bout of cramps and irregular bowels and some cold-like symptoms, but yea -- great heads-up (for more info - or if you did get a tummy ache recently after a Strawberry Wild - you may call & complain at the Jamba Juice consumer help line: 1-877-464-5689.)

I'll also be fair to them and note that there should be no problem with going there now as all [remaining] potentially-contaminated fruits are recovered & shipments from that supplier have been halted.

Thankfully, weather has been a bit chilly as of late for me to want a smoothie.

According to the site's press release, I also found it funny how their "limited number of stores" [affected by this] is a list of almost 200.



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