Friday, November 24, 2006

My Cheating Thanksgiving Menu . . .

Ok, I copped out & shortcutted my way through Thanksgiving, grabbing a store-bought holiday dinner to bring to my folks' place (with my only from-scratch contribution being the coffee-nut brownies). However, my heat 'n serve dinner from Wild Oats is one of the best and fastest I've ever had -- going from bag to table in less than 90 minutes. The Petit Dinner (for 2-3) included:

~ 3 pounds Plainville Farms all-natural boneless turkey breast (which I roasted with apples)
~ 6 sweet diamond dinner rolls
~ 1 pound garlic mashed potatoes
~ mushroom gravy
~ mushroom & wild rice stuffing
~ garlic roasted brussel sprouts that I sauteed with extra black pepper
~ cranberry relish
~ lattice-top apple pie, surprisingly not-too-sweet and garnered my Mom's (i.e. "That's TOO sweet!") approval.

And even after the 3 of us had our fill, there was PLENTY of leftovers -- so this weekend I'll most likely simmer a lean turkey noodle soup on a crock-pot that I can dish out whenevers and enjoy with leftover stuffing and a glass of wine. Here's to hoping this weekend will be a chilly one.


henrychan888 said...

hc, it doesn't sound that bad....

our turkey actually came out kinda dry..



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