Sunday, October 29, 2006

Mini Foodventure #7: Cafe Surfas (Culver City)

Was doing some volunteer work in Santa Monica, so what better excuse opportunity to go back to Surfas market in Culver City to pick up more of my beloved Vosges bars (still a $1 off from their regular $7) ~ and this time they have the Red Fire available!

This time, feeling proud and a little dogged-out from my half-day of volunteering, I decided to head into the adjacent
Cafe Surfas for a little pick-me-up. After one look at the place, I'm wondering "how the heck did I miss *this* the last time I was here?" From roasted tomato paninis with grilled figs to lavender lemon bars and strawberry basil sodas, this place definitely is blasting with delicious flavors in all the most eccentric-but-tempting combinations.

And so, I got a . . .

Chocolate brownie (which has been screaming my name since I set eyes on it) and a raspberry violet italian soda. The soda, flavored with
Monin syrups from France, was a fizzling delight on my tongue: the fresh, slightly-tart taste of the raspberries were wonderful against the fragrant violets... so good that it convinced me to buy a bottle of their rose syrup @ the market (around $8.50 for 750mL) for my own personal use.

As the brownie, Amazing! So dark, rich, fudgy and decadent and packed full of walnuts and semi-sweet chips within... this is a brownie worth running a mile for!

All in all, a fun trip - and can't wait to return (during my next excursion out West) to discover more of their Cafe delights.


Chubbypanda said...

That's the way a brownie should be; more chocolate that brownie. I approve.

- Chubbypanda


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