Thursday, May 31, 2012

No. 217: Top 3 Bites from Semi-Recent Vegas Trip @ Bread and Butter, Carnevino and Cosmopolitan's Secret Pizza Spot

Ok, so it's been a short (alright, a LONG) while since I followed up on my fave Vegas drinks post with the corresponding favorite eats -- but better late than never, and it's still just in time since my friends are starting to pester me about some great noshes for their summer excursions in Sin City (without the budget for a tasting @ Alizé.) So here's my quick roundup of some of my best bites on my last trip there.

Vegetarian Sandwich at Bread & Butter

Vegetarian Sandwich @ Bread and Butter 
Having already indulged in a little wicked crack-of-dawn drinking with Ms. Choisauce upon my arrival, I decided to be a little virtuous with my breakfast afterwards. Having read good things about this place from the Vegas media & bloggers, we swung by here for some comfort eats. While their breakfasty dishes sound great, what drew my eye is their vegetarian sandwich, with eggplants, zucchini and roasted pepper plus goat & Provolone cheeses in a grilled country roll spread with tomato sauce and basil pesto. I likened it to a 'ratatouille sandwich' and it was exactly what I needed after a cocktail fest at Frankie's . . . just total warm vegetably comfort wrapped in a crusty carb envelope. Definitely worth the off-Strip excursion for (or at least pick up something to go on the drive back!)

Pork Agnolotti at Carnevino 

Pork Agnolotti 
Yes, it's a little unusual ordering just a primi-portion of pasta at a steakhouse, but I was nightclubbing afterwards and definitely did not want to feel weighed down (or worse) with a full-on meaty meal bouncing up and down in my stomach. Nonetheless, these hit the spot, the pasta was the perfect al dente texture, the braised pork filling just falls apart in the mouth, and it was the perfect flavor bridge between the earthy, savory wild mushrooms and the sweet butternut squash puree. Add a glass of wine and their complimentary warm rosemary roll with and voila! a heavenly light dinner.

White pizza with mushrooms & meatballs at the [Not-So] Secret Pizza Spot

White Pizza w Meatballs and Mushrooms
I know, I'm not humming a new tune to this one--but the pizza here is one of the tastiest cheaper options on the Strip. Yes, a slice clocks in at around $5, but one was enough to satisfy my hunger and two left me beyond bloated. My friends and I tried several different kinds, and I personally liked the white pie a lot more than its red cousin. It's brushed with a slightly-garlicky oil and topped melty strands of mozzarella, gobs of creamy ricotta, and huge slices of flavorful sweet sausage and woodsy mushrooms (even though I would prefer my 'shrooms slightly more cooked.)

So there's my top 3 from my last trip. And while I look forward to discovering more dishes and finding new favorites next time around (likely this summer as well,) but would have no qualms about revisiting these tasty bites.

Bread & Butter
10940 South Eastern Avenue  
(702) 675-3300

Carnevino [in Palazzo Hotel]
3325 Las Vegas Blvd South,
Las Vegas
(702) 789-4141

Secret Pizza Place [in The Cosmopolitan, situated between Jaleo and Blue Ribbon on the restaurant floor]
3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South 
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 698-7000
Twitter [for Cosmopolitan]
Facebook [for Cosmopolitan]



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