Saturday, April 16, 2011

Artisanal LA, Apr. 17-18

Seriously, just go

Artisanal LA logo
This was my first Artisanal LA experience (missed out on their previous ones since the timing didn't work out) and I'm floored by the amazing vendors and all their quirky & fun offerings. And being a near-lifelong Angeleno, seeing all these local homegrown businesses - and the delightful personalities behind them - just reinforced my love of the city.

Of course, it also helps to be properly filled up on food (in form of crafty sandwiches by Daily Dose, plus a plethora of samples from dozens of vendors) and liquids (coffees from Intelligentsia, teas from Numi, plus detoxy cocktails by Veev and organic punches by Greenbar Collective.)

And to whet your appetites some more, here's a collage of photos I quickly cobbled together, taken by my friend Eric.
Artisanal LA photos by Eric So
Of course, between camera trigger-happiness he and his g/f had a fab & tasty time too.
Eric & Christy
As for me, even though I was trying to exercise some fiscal restraint -- I finally caved into the sweet-savory-smoky bacon bourbon chutney by Cast Iron Gourmet and can't wait to serve them up for a dinner party tonight.

So yes, get your ticket, bring some cash (even though a good number of sellers do take credit), and be prepared to leave with an enlightened mind (from the various demos, workshops & lectures they got going on), a thoroughly satisfied belly and maybe even some deliciousness for the days & weeks following.

Artisanal LA @ Santa Monica Place


portsmouth wine bar said...

I like going to food fairs, more so if they are free. (lol) It shows you the available "cuisine" for a certain city or town. You might also discover something that truly delicious or a new food that you haven't tasted before anywhere.


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