Tuesday, November 30, 2010

No. 187: A return to Kohryu . . . (Costa Mesa)

. . . and it was every bit as comforting as the first time around (and especially welcoming given the cold snap we've had recently.)

Kohryu Shio Ramen w Extra Negi
Their signature Kohryu ramen with extra negi; thick pork slices that's not too fatty, springy noodles in a shio soup base that's delicate and clean, tender slices of bamboo, the medium-boiled egg with its gorgeous and delicious tangerine-tinted yolk and, of course, the heavenly aromatics and deeply satisfying crisp from the fresh & fried scallions.

And at $9, not a bad investment at all. So, in short, a sincere arigatou gozaimashita to the staff for their respite from the season's chilly grasp without the out-the-door waits of the other more popular (but not necessarily tastier) noodle houses.

Can't wait to return in the warmer weather to try their cold noodle specialties too (Hiyashi Chuka!)

Kohryu Interior
Kohryu Ramen
891 Baker St. (x-street: Bear)
Costa Mesa, CA



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