Friday, September 03, 2010

No. 178: The Mad Greek (Baker)

Falafel Plate @ Mad Greek
I don't usually hate on restaurants (and give them the benefit of a doubt of a bad day, especially for one visit) but DANG! The Mad Greek @ Baker serves the most horrid falafels ever. Dry and overfried, there wasn't even any accompanying tzatziki to drown these sad, sawdusty spheres into.

At least I found solace in the fluffy, buttery rice and the lightly-fried pita bread, which was pillowy, crispy and slightly greasy. But really, whose red flags wouldn't get raised when the compliments go the side dishes? ("Oh, the rice and the bread were good!")
Mad Greek Cafe exterior
It took almost two decades of near-annual Vegas pilgrimages for me to succumb to the siren calls of Mad Greek's flashy billboards, I guess next time I'm on the 15 I might as well check out Peggy Sues 50's Diner too. Or maybe its more obscure sister, Jenny Rose.

Thanks to Tiny Nancer (who recently posted on a similar experience here with their souvlaki & tyropitas) for provoking me to vent and rant a little.

The Mad Greek
72112 Baker Boulevard
Baker, CA 92309
(760) 733-4354


Anonymous said...

Also home of the worst Gyro I've ever had. It was so salty it was nearly inedible.

Madison said...

Thanks for the heads up. I always see this place on the 15 when I go to Vegas. Good to know that it is a pass.

Anonymous said...

bwahahaahah @anon's comment. Have yet to succumb to the Greek's bugles. I mean, if you stuff your hole full of Bouchon's pastries at 11am, you wouldn't be hungry on the way home...

Nancy said...

I liked your comment on my blog more... "DRIEST FALAFELS - EVAH!"

Anna A. said...

ewwe. dry falafels are the pits. maybe that's why they push the strawberry milkshake so bad.

glutster said...

aww...sorry to hear man. I was about to get the falafels when I went but ended up the best spanakopita ever! Their hummus isn´t that bad neither.

next time man.

Bianca @ South Bay Rants n Raves said...

They can't all be good. Heck, it's practically a running gag with me that the restaurants closest to my home suck. It's good that the whole meal wasn't bad but who would want to just eat rice, right?


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