Wednesday, July 07, 2010

No. 168: not your everyday fries & beer

Fries & Beer
Even though this was over a month before I start my vegetarian stint, Fysmith's kimchi pork fries was one of my most memorable last meal with meat. Photographed here with Eagle Rock Brewery's Libertine imperial witbier (the truck was on-site for the grand opening of the brewery & tasting room in late February) it was simply amazing... fatty slices of pork belly against the crunchy fries and the pungent, tangy kimchi with just enough melted cheddar cheese to make it a finger-hostile but palate-pleasing treat. Just the perfect grub to go with, or after, a couple of round of beers. Just eat it fast before the fries get sogged up!

And the honey and spice infused Libertine is something magical too . . . a little malty, a little apple-y, a little sweet and a little hoppy, with a solid body to boot, not to mention incredibly drinkable (rare to come by for a beer with 8.6% ABV!) Definitely a must-order if I come across this on a tap in the local beer bars, as well as a great intro for those who say they're adverse to strong beers.

But yes... honey beer and kimchi fries... my most recent meaty memory -- and maybe the dish that can pull me back to being an omnivore.

Eagle Rock Brewery
3056 Roswell Street
Los Angeles, Ca 90065

Frysmith Truck
all over LA

P.S. Frysmith also has a great ongoing blog series about the food truck business (how to start one, the costs of running one) - a worthwhile read to get some inside scoop on the meals-on-wheels industry.


Gastronomer said...

Ohhhh, swooooooon! I've only encountered Frysmith when I was too full to indulge in a deep fried feast. I will make sure to get this one when the right mood finally hits. And thanks for the "how to" links. Very fascinating!


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