Wednesday, March 24, 2010

No. 160: Mammoth Brewing Company (Mammoth Lakes)

Just outside the tasting room/shop
Photo courtesy of Hungry Hungry Hanh

Mammoth Brewing Co. was one of the unexpected gems I encountered on a snowboarding trip this past weekend with blogger pals. I didn't even know this town/village have their own microbrewery operation going on until I discovered a few of their beers on draft at the Village's various eateries and bars. After Hanh and I tasted their Paranoid Pale Ale (a mildly citrusy and hoppy brew with a piney, wintergreeny aroma) at Gomez's, we talked to the bartender about some of their other offerings and he happily noted that the Brewery itself is just a few blocks away. So we decided to hit the road (swollen butt and all!) with Caroline on Crack and her b/f to check out the space.
Inside tasting room
Photo courtesy of Caroline on Crack

We arrived in the tasting room shortly before they closed shop at 6 p.m., and they were still super-nice and accommodating, letting us sample all 10 of their available beers on tap for free! Their styles run from a super-light Trout Pilsner (too diluted for me, almost a "beer-flavored water") to an rich, desserty oak-aged CharleyWine Old Ale.
Taps and bottles
Photo courtesy of Hungry Hungry Hanh

My favorites of the batch, Double Nut Brown ale and the Epic IPA, both of which I brought home. I think what I liked best is that both are wonderful "intro" beers for their styles, having a more mellowed out bitterness/hoppiness profiles than other browns and IPAs out there, plus a lighter-than-usual carbonation which makes them very quaffable (a boon for hydration-seeking folks after a day of skiing and snowboarding!) And despite its more subdued character, the double nut brown still delivered some amazing roasted coffee and dark chocolate notes and the IPA is still very crisp and refreshing with a good tinge of citrus, honey and vegetal notes.

And while hitting the slopes (maybe not so literally) and partying relaxing in the cabin will still be the highlight for my future trips to Mammoth, I'll definitely try to swing by this little brewery too to see what other delightful regular and seasonal brews they'll be showcasing! Not when my friends and I are too plastered, of course...

Photo courtesy of Hungry Hungry Hanh

Mammoth Brewing Company's Shop and Tasting Room

94 Berner Street
Mammoth Lakes, CA, CA 93546
(760) 934-7141


The Duo Dishes said...

Eagle Rock Brewery had an open tasting not too long ago. These are the kinds of things we need to know about! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you had a blast.

stuffycheaks said...

I heart mammoth. Service is always friendly. When you are driving up/back, hit up the Indian Wells Brewing company (near where the 14 and 395 meets), they have a good selection of local brewed beers.

H. C. said...

@DuoDishes, Eagle Rock Brewery is one of my local faves too -- again, they have really drinkable beers that have some tasty elements going on in there!

@Stuffycheaks, Ha! Indeed I did pass by the Indian Wells Brewing Co. on the way back, alas, my group and I were all exhausted from the weekender for a stop. Next time, perhaps! Any particularly favorite brews there?

Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed the tasting room at Mammoth Brewing Co. The girls were very friendly and informative about all the beers. I did have a chance to talk to the owner as well. He had some great comments about the homebrew section they have started. He also mentioned they have homebrew demonstrations on the first Sunday of each month. I did see the newest brew fermenting in the store. What a great trip to Mammoth! A great day of snowboarding in the spring and beer tasting to end the day. I am bringing all my friends next time.



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