Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Quickies #27: More BBQ mania, Foodblog for LA Weekly and Seeking Tips on SD brunch eats!

BBQ events: Ok, so I found out too late that this Sunday's Lucque's Rib Roundup is already completely booked - aw shucks (does anyone who already have a reservation have space for a +1? Pretty please?!)! Oh well, at least I can take some consolation in the LA BBQ Fest coming Sept. 13-14, which features a few local BBQ places alongside some famous ones from around the country (Salt Lick in Texas, as well as award-winning ones from Missouri and Mississippi). Not an exact representation of all the different types of barbecue out there, but hey -- definitely cheaper than traveling to those places esp. in these gas prices. Entry fee is $10/day, and you pay for your own food. Goldstar is selling entry tickets for half-off, however.

Foodblog for LA Weekly: Want to work for the same outlet with the infamous Pulitzer-winning Jonathan Gold? Now's your chance. LA Weekly made this Craigslist post looking for freelancers for their food blog. No details in terms of pay, expense accounts or talk-time with Mr. Gold -- but hey, if you're already doing this foodblog thing for peanuts (like I am) -- whadda ya got to lose?

Seeking Advice on SD eats: Doing a half-marathon down in San Diego next weekend and definitely looking forward to killer brunch after. Open to any suggestions. Leave a comment or drop me an email!

Update - Bar Sales, Hot Dogs and Cocktails on Aug. 9 and 10: Just got wind via Racked LA that Bar Keeper in Silverlake is doing their first ever really big sale! Time to stock up on all those exotic and pretty bar wares, and enjoy some bacon-wrapped hot dogs and libations on Saturday!

P.S. looks like LA mayors have pretty pricey tastes....

P.P.S. kudos to The Knife for taking my suggestion to write a restaurant review... in haiku!

P.P.P.S. inspired me to do my own for a recent dinner:

At Jazz Cat Café;
ran out of lemongrass stew;
sukiyaki, good.


DanGarion said...

Where did you end up eating in San Diego?

H. C. said...

Will post about it soon when I get to it :) But I visited Terra in Hillcrest area for a tapas-style dinner & Adams Avenue Grill for post-run pancake breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Just letting fellow foodies know about the upcoming Orange County Restaurant Week in Feb 2009.

Orange County's largest dining event! Enjoy great dining in ALL OC cities.

Thanks and feel free to contact me if you would like any information!



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